153 Multimeter

TPI - 153

Use this devise for: Thermocouples in furnaces or gas applications, Heat anticipator current in thermostats, Line voltage, Voltage of direct drive DC motors, Control circuit voltage, Motor run and start capacitors, Flame safeguard control current, Heating element resistance (continuity), Compressor winding resistance. Contactor and relay coil resistance. and Continuity of wiring.

  • Max Current (A): 10 (AC), 10 (DC)
  • Max Voltage (V): 0.001 (AC), 0.001 (DC)
  • Max Resistance (Ω): 40 (AC)
  • Capacitance Measurement: NONE
  • Temperature Measurement: NONE
  • Frequency Measurement: NONE
  • Transistor Test: NONE
  • Continuity: YES