706 Oscilloscope

Iso-Tech - IDS 700 Series

Features: Up to 10ns peak detection for glitch capture; 6-digit frequency counter. ; Auto-set for quick setup operation.; Three Acquisition modes: Sample, peak detect, and average mode; Cursors and 15 continuously updated automatic measurements: Vhi, V lo, V Max, V Min, V pp, V average, V rms, V amp, rise time, fall time, duty cycle, frequency, period, positive width, negative width. ; 15 memory sets for front panel setting save & recall.; 2 memory sets for waveform trace save & recall.; FFT spectrum analysis.; Two useful Program mode and Go, No-Go function are included. ; Advanced video and pulse width trigger.; RS-232, parallel printer port and USB output are included as standard on all models.

  • Bandwidth: 60 MHz
  • Analog Channels: 2
  • Max Sample Rate: 0.1 GS/s
  • Max Memory Depth: 0.125 Mpts
  • Operating System: Embedded
  • Form Factor: Benchtop