LS8022 Oscilloscope

Leader - LS8022

The LS-8022 Oscilloscopes are dual-channel oscilloscopes with maximum sensitivity of 1mV/div, and a maximum sweep time of 10nsec/div . Each of these oscilloscopes employs a 6-inch rectangular type cathode-ray tube with red internal graticule . LS 8050 has a sweep magnification feature with B sweep. These oscilloscopes are sturdy, easy to operate and exhibits high operational reliability. The CRT is a high beam transmission, high intensity type with a high acceleration voltage of 2 kV for models LS 8022 ( and 12 kV for model LS 8050). It displays clear readable traces even at high sweep speeds. The oscilloscope employs a temperature compenstion circuit which is newly developed to reduce the drift of base lines and DC balance disturbance caused by temperature change. The oscilloscope has a sync separator circuit incorporated within the TIME/DIV switch for automatic triggering of TV-V and TV-H signals.

Bandwidth: 50 MHz

Analog Channels: 2

Operating System: Embedded

Form Factor: Benchtop

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