CF-3600A Spectrum Analyzer

Ono Sokki - CF-3000 Series

CF-3600A (4-ch)/3800A (8-ch) is an all-in-one type portable FFT analyzer with touch panel computer utilizing simultaneous analysis and recording. The lightweight and all-in-one configuration makes using the unit on site easy and efficient. With its portability and built-in sensor amplifier, CF-3600A/CF-3800A provides a less restricted, more efficient measurement and analysis while still achieving high accuracy in noise/vibration. CF-3600A/CF-3800A features a variety of measurement applications such as natural frequency measurement by frequency response function, tracking analysis for evaluating the dynamic characteristics of rotating machines and engines, real-time octave analysis which is effective for acoustical analysis and throughput disk function enabling direct recording of waveform data to the built-in hard disk drive of CF-3600A/CF-3800A directly.

  • Frequency: 0 to 0.04 MHz