DS-2000 Spectrum Analyzer

Ono Sokki - DS-2000 Series

The 2-channel and 4-channel basic units of the DS-2000 Series are compact in size at 18 cm _ 25 cm (7"_10"). Due to its dedicated carrying case that also accommodates a notebook-type PC and sensors, each unit can readily be mobilized anywhere. In addition, its ability to accept direct signal input from various types of sensors allows the unit to be used flexibly and effectively in a wide range of measurement fields. Furthermore, the Throughput Disk function enables the user to record sound and vibration data continuously onto the hard disk drive of a notebook-type PC, thereby eliminating the need to repeat data recording for each application. After measurements are taken, it is only necessary for the user to bring the PC back to the office, where the data can be analyzed thoroughly at your leisure.

  • Frequency: 0 to 0.04 MHz