HD RANGER UltraLite Spectrum Analyzer


The HD RANGER UltraLite is a super compact field strength meter and TV & Satellite analyser covering DVB-T2/C2/S2 and DVB-T/C/S standards with MPEG-2 as well as H.264 video demodulation. Based on the widely known and distinguished HD RANGER platform it features new super compact form factor (25 x 18 x 4 cm) and light weight (1.4 kg). It is not missing any of the outstanding functions available in its predecessors such as 7 display, fast spectrum analyser, constellation diagram, dynamic echoes analysis, LTE ingress test and attenuation test, task planner, DiSEqC, SATCR, JESS, etc. The new HD RANGER UltraLite has been created with the aim to make easy the user experience. From its ergonomic design and stylized lines to the reduction of keys and the easy use of its interface, everything has been designed so the user has a simple tool to use but powerful and useful.

  • Frequency: 5 to 1000 MHz