IQS-5240S-P Spectrum Analyzer


Highly accurate, easy-to-use optical spectrum analyzers (OSAs) for current and next-generation networks. Solution for Next-Generation Networks. Todays systems and networks rely on new technologies like reconfigurable add-drop multiplexers (ROADM), and transmit at speeds reaching 40G and 100G. In such a challenging technological environment, getting reliable in-band OSNR values is keywhich is exactly what the IQS-5240S/BP provides, thanks to EXFOs polarization-resolved optical spectrum (PROS) OSNR measurement approach. Sharp and Accurate OSNR Measurement. The IEC subsystem test procedure 61280-2-9 defines OSNR measurement as the power ratio between the peak power and the noise at half the distance between the peaks. Using this method, the noise level at the channel (or peak power) wavelength is interpolated from the noise level between the channels (N(_i + __) and N(_i - __)). However, in ROADM or 40 Gbit/s systems, this method may lead to incorrect results since the noise level between the peaks is no longer directly correlated with the noise level at the channel wavelength. For instance, closely spaced 40G signals require in-band OSNR measurement, since the power level between channels is higher than the actual noise due to channel overlap. The built-in polarization-resolved optical spectrum method of EXFOs IQS-5240S-P and IQS-5240BP OSAs enables you to achieve accurate in-band OSNR measurements of a ROADM or 40 Gbit/s system directly and automatically.

  • Frequency: 0.000002 to 0.000002 MHz