PROLITE-60 Spectrum Analyzer


The PROLITE-60 is the result of an intense research work associated to the development of the latest optical communication systems. A priority for telecommunication operators all over the world is that of making more ef ficient their already existing optical n etworks. The first step is to increase their capacity, which can be achieved by using more wavelengths simultaneously to transport the information. One of the biggest handicaps to implement this type of systems so far was the cost of the test equipment required to launch the projects. When various wavelengths are sharing one single fibre, the optical power meters are not normally bringing out much information about the problems that can b e af fecting to each one of them as the measurements are not wavelength selective. The PROLITE-60is the first optical spectrum analyser truly portable, rough and batteries operated available at a really attractive cost. The PROLITE-60is also suitable for many other applications. Using the various available options it is suitable for reflectometry, analysis of materials, fibre sensors, testing of photonic devices such as filters, attenuators, couplers, isolators and other optical components.

User Manual Datasheet
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Frequency: 0.009 to 2700 MHz

Real-Time Bandwidth: 0 to 0 MHz


Frequency: 2000 to 3000 MHz

Real-Time Bandwidth: 0 to 0 MHz


Frequency: 5 to 862 MHz

Real-Time Bandwidth: 0 to 0 MHz