PROMAX-12 Spectrum Analyzer

PROMAX - Promax Series

The PROMAX-12 is a multi-functional Digital Cable Analyser perfect for the installation and maintenance of analogue and digital television signal reception/distribution systems working in the 5 to 1005 MHz range: FM radio, community TV systems (MATV), cable TV (CATV) and wireless cable TV (MMDS) including the sub-band (return path).The PROMAX-12 can acquire and internally store the required measurements for a later review. It also can print them or transfer the measurements to a PC. It can be essential to solve cable modem related problems and very helpul for interference and noise troubleshooting both in the forward and return bands. The HOLD function maintains MAX and MIN values: this is of great value for identifying interfering signals, for example, in the return band.

  • Frequency: 5 to 1005 MHz