PSA-2500-KUTX Spectrum Analyzer

Avcom - PSA Series

The Avcom PSA2500KUTX Portable Spectrum Analyzer has something to offer, whether you are doing a satellite installation, troubleshooting a CATV or broadcast system, setting up a remote telemetry system, trying to locate a threatening jamming device, or locating eavesdropping devices. Designed for the teleport, oil and gas, maritime, broadcast, military, TCSM, and wireless community, the PSA2500KUTX is compact, portable, lightweight, affordable, and high value price point for quick and precise signal investigations. For technicians demanding a greater range, Avcom's PSA2500KUTX goes up to 14.5GHz. This will allow the TV broadcasting engineer to troubleshoot directly at the C-Band or Ku-Band satellite end, and also allow troubleshooting of the 5.8GHz video/audio signals that HD wireless TV cameras use, or the 5.8GHz band that many WLAN 802.11a devices now use.

Frequency: 5 to 14500 MHz

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