PSA-4200C Spectrum Analyzer

Avcom - PSA Series

The Avcom PSA-4200C Portable Spectrum Analyzer has something to offer, whether you are doing a satellite installation, troubleshooting a CATV or broadcast system, setting up a remote telemetry system, trying to locate a threatening jamming device, or locating eavesdropping devices. Designed for the teleport, oil and gas, maritime, broadcast, military, TCSM, and wireless community, the PSA-4200C is compact, portable, lightweight, and budget friendly for quick and precise signal investigations. Being intuitive and easy to operate and providing many functions to facilitate quick and easy measurements, the PSA-4200C is an indispensable tool for engineers and technicians who conduct field measurements anywhere in the 5 MHz to 4.2 GHz range.

Frequency: 5 to 4200 MHz

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