SNG-2500C Spectrum Analyzer

Avcom - SNG-2500C

The long awaited SNG-2500C is finally here and is well worth the wait! The SNG-2500C is Avcoms answer to the discontinued Tektronix 1705A with a feature set that is second to none giving the Satellite Technician a very useful tool for finding and peaking on satellites. The SNG-2500C is not only a spectrum analyzer, but also a carrier monitor with features such as carrier masking, screen shot capture and recording, Satellite ID, and Automated Data Acquisition (DAQ) with tolerance comparison and integrated email alerts only to name a few. The SNG-2500C also offers L.O. Frequency Offset which allows the operator to display the frequency in L-Band, C-Band, X-Band, Ku-Band or Ka-Band, or any custom band needed

  • Frequency: 5 to 2500 MHz