The NEW enhanced version of the 20/20 Step TDR is ideal for troubleshooting OSP, drop, or twisted pair Cat 2 to Cat 6A cables. It is based on the current 20/20 TDR employing Step technologys amazingly accurate fault locating and display capabilities. The E20/20 TDR stores, recalls and uploads traces to a PC by name, date and time. It has a user friendly interface to reduce technician learning curve and training time. Including features like Setup Wizard, named Menu keys, and Context Sensitive Help. It has larger clearer display fonts and LED indicators for active function keys. The E20/20 TDR also has new MicroFault locating for small coax kinks and crushes that might be service affecting, but hard to see on a normal TDR trace. It has a field replaceable F connector, internal Cable List holds 64 cable types, can be user edited, and modified lists can be uploaded or downloaded to a PC using the included ETDR PC Vision software.

  • Range: 10 to 20000 feet
  • Resolution: 0.5 inch/ft
  • Channels: 1