AFG-3021 Waveform Generator

Instek - AFG-3021

GW Instek rolls out the AFG-3021 20 MHz Single Channel arbitrary function generator, designed to meet industry, scientific research, and education applications. In the design of isolated output, all output channels are earth ground isolation, which is suitable for test applications of floating circuit. For instance, connecting an AFG-3000 with a power supplys DC voltage, the maximum AC-DC cascaded output reaches +42V or -42V. Applications are, for instance, the ignition control or transmission device of automotive electronics. The AFG3021 features a sample rate of 250 MSa/s, 16-bit resolution, and 8M point memory depth for arbitrary waveform generation. Users not only can save the edited waveforms to the memory to build arbitrary waveforms, but also rebuild waveforms by the AFG-3021 built-in DSOLink function with a GW Instek digital storage oscilloscope.

  • Frequency: 1,000,000 µHz to 20 MHz
  • Channels: 1
  • Form Factor: Benchtop