AFQ100A Waveform Generator

Rohde & Schwarz - AFQ100A

Whether in the commercial or aerospace and defense field, customers require excellent signal quality, speed and high flexibility when selecting a signal source. Besides, there is a growing need for development and testing in the digital baseband domain. The signals to be created are increasingly complex and dynamic. They use complex modulation schemes and demand more and more bandwidth. The R&SAFQ100A is a state-of-the-art, self-contained and flexible baseband source that perfectly meets those requirements.An important component of such test equipment is a flexible baseband source that allows development and production tests to be performed on state-of-the-art receivers for a variety of standards. A self-contained baseband source must fulfill a wide range of signal requirements. Plus, it needs variable digital and analog outputs in order to directly operate the DUT. Used as a modulation source for vector signal generators, the R&SAFQ100A provides I/Q signals that offer all the sophistication of modern communications standards for generating the required RF signal.

Frequency: 1,000,000 µHz to 300 MHz

Channels: 2

Form Factor: Benchtop

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