AM300 Waveform Generator

Rohde & Schwarz - AM300

The R&SAM300 is a dual-channel arbitrary/function generator that offers superb functionality and spectral purity at a favourable rice. Due to its high-quality characteristics, the instrument displays digitally generated signals almost distortion-free even at high output levels and frequencies. The R&SAM300 thus meets reference signal source requirements for a host of applications. With a high sampling rate of up to 100 Msample/s, 256k-point waveform memory per channel and the Waveform Composer software, virtually any waveform can be implemented no matter whether for applications in the lab, in production or service. The two channels of the instrument are phase-coupled and thus allow the generation of analog I/Q signals that can be used, for example, to modulate the RF Signal Generator R&SSM300. The upper frequency limit of 35 MHz for sine signals and 50 MHz for square signals leaves sufficient room for future tasks.

  • Frequency: 10 µHz to 35 MHz
  • Channels: 2
  • Form Factor: Benchtop