HM8030-6 Waveform Generator

Rohde & Schwarz - HM8030-6

The HM8030-6 Function Generator is a versatile signal source useful for many stimulus and test applications. The key features are the high signal purity and constant amplitude flatness throughout the entire frequency range. This instrument is ideal for a broad range of test bench use including precision audio measurements.The generator produces 3 basic waveforms: sine, square and triangle. The output frequency can be swept internally and externally over a 100:1 frequency range. This is ideal for examining transmission curves of a circuit under test using an oscilloscope as a measurement indicator. The square wave output has a very fast, < 15ns, rise and fall time.All outputs are electrically protected against short circuits and accidentally applied voltages of up to 45V. This is a very useful feature, particularly in educational applications.

Frequency: 50,000 µHz to 0.01 MHz

Channels: 1

Form Factor: Benchtop

User Manual Datasheet
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