HM8150 Waveform Generator

Rohde & Schwarz - HM8150

The R&S HM8150 function generator uses direct digital frequency synthesis (DDS) for the generation of stable low distortion signals and guarantees optimum performance. The frequency range extends from 10 MHz to 12.5 MHz. Amplitude and frequency of the selected signal can be read from the high-contrast LC display. The HM8150 allows direct access to standard signals like sine wave, square wave, triangle, sawtooth and pulse by just pushing a button. Sine wave and square wave signals can be generated up to 12.5 MHz, with a fast rise time of <10 ns. The additional arbitrary function with a sampling rate of 40 MS/s allows you to generate his own waveforms. In pulse mode positive or negative pulses of variable width from 100 ns, with a maximum repetition rate of 5 MHz can be generated. These features are complimented by the sweep function, which is easily configured, as well as external triggering and gating.

  • Frequency: 10,000 µHz to 12.5 MHz
  • Channels: 1
  • Form Factor: Benchtop