Speed Distance Time Calculator

This calculator will solve for either distance, time, or speed given two of the three parameters.

Calculate Time from Distance and Speed

The relationship between an object's speed of travel, distance traveled, and time traveled is given by the following equation:


$$s = \frac{d}{t}$$


Given two of the three parameters, the calculator will determine the third value using the relationships shown in Figure 1. This can be useful when modeling physical systems such as a moving vehicle, an autonomous mobile robot (AMR), or even electron propagation through a wire.


Conversion between speed, time, and distance.

Figure 1. Conversion between speed, time, and distance.


Speed Distance Time Equation:

As noted above, to convert between values of time, speed, and distance, we use the following standard equation:


$$s = \frac{d}{t}$$



  • s = The speed of the object expressed in units of distance over time
  • d = The distance an object has traveled in a given period of time
  • t = The time during which the object traveled a given distance

From here, we can rearrange the equation to solve for time:


$$t = \frac{d}{s}$$


Or we can solve for distance using the following equation:


$$d = s \cdot t$$


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