Suite of New Gate Driver ICs Tackle SiC-based Power Applications

one day ago by Abdulwaliy Oyekunle

Three new gate driver solutions aim to serve a wide range of applications in motor drives, electric vehicles, solar inverters, and more.

RECOM RPx-RAW Series DC-DC Converters | New Product Brief

2 days ago by Mouser Electronics

The RECOM Power RPx-RAW Series DC to DC converters are specifically designed for high-voltage battery applications in railway rolling stock and other similar environments. Watch and learn all about their features, specs, applications, and more!


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Controlling a Potentiometer-based Servo Motor Using a M5Stack Core

3 days ago by Don Wilcher

In this project, learn how to use a potentiometer's reading on the M5Stack core to control a servo motor.

Radar Applied to Missions Large and Small—Part 2

June 01, 2023 by Aaron Carman

Radars have a place amongst the stars and inside the home, with cutting-edge research highlighting uses that benefit from this century-old technology.

Emulation Builds Bridge to Future for Programmable AC Power Sources

In Partnership with AMETEK Programmable Power

As legacy designs wane, a new product with legacy emulation capability can mimic the old one and require minimal if any, hardware or software revisions to your legacy system.

All About Circuits 20th Anniversary Celebration—Exclusive Interview with Founder Rob Pengelly

May 31, 2023 by Dale Wilson

May 2023 marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of All About Circuits. In this exclusive interview, Rob Pengelly—the site’s creator and still current “webmaster”—reflects on the history and impact of All About Circuits within the electrical engineering world.