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This site provides a series of online textbooks covering electricity and electronics. The information provided is great for both students and hobbyists who are looking to expand their knowledge in this field. These textbooks were written by Tony R. Kuphaldt and released under the Design Science License. Interested in contributing to the textbooks? Please click here.

Textbook - Lessons in Electric Circuits

Direct Current

Basic Concepts of Electricity, OHM's Law, Electrical Safety, Scientific Notation...

Alternating Current

Basic AC Theory, Complex Numbers, Reactance and Impedance, Resonance...


Amplifiers and Active Devices, Solid-State Device Theory, Diodes and Rectifiers...


Binary Arithmetic, Logic Gates, Switches, Boolean Algebra, Karnaugh Mapping...


Conversion Factors, Resistor Color Codes, Math References, Periodic Table...


Test Equipment, DC Circuits, AC Circuits, Discrete Semiconductor Circuits...


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