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Jerry Twomey has designed many consumer, medical, aerospace, and commercial products. His focus is on non-digital electronics, where the biggest challenges are. In addition to his design work, Jerry has held several academic positions, including: Chair, IEEE SD Solid State Circuits; Lecturer, UCSD ECE Graduate Studies; Chair, IEEE SD Microwave Theory and Techniques; Reviewer, IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits; Reviewer, IEEE Journal of Microwave Theory and Techniques; Instructor, UCSD Extension. Today, Jerry teaches seminars in embedded systems, IC design, EMC, and medical technology. He has also written articles for multiple trade publications focused on providing solutions for common electronic design problems. These articles became the catalyst for his book, “Applied Embedded Electronics.” Beyond electronics, Jerry enjoys racing and cruising sailboats, restoring classic cars, and other hands-on projects, downhill skiing, hiking and camping, yoga, music, and margaritas. After being raised in Massachusetts, migrating to Silicon Valley, and moving to San Diego, he’s seen the sunset from both sides of the country.

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