All About Circuits 20th Anniversary Celebration—Exclusive Interview with Founder Rob Pengelly

one day ago by Dale Wilson

May 2023 marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of All About Circuits. In this exclusive interview, Rob Pengelly—the site’s creator and still current “webmaster”—reflects on the history and impact of All About Circuits within the electrical engineering world.

OMRON G9KA-E Power PCB Relays | Featured Product Spotlight

2 days ago by Mouser Electronics

The Omron Electronics G9KA-E power PCB relays are designed to enhance the safety, reliability, and durability of electronic systems. Watch and learn all about their features, specs, applications, and more!


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SiFive Gives its WorldGuard Security Model to the RISC-V Community

2 days ago by Jake Hertz

SiFive hopes to strengthen the RISC-V community with the contribution of its WorldGuard model.

Explore Negative Voltage Using LTspice and a Negative Voltage Generator

5 days ago by Robert Keim

In this article, we’ll use SPICE simulations to explore the theory and behavior of negative voltages.

Vehicle Networking Startup Ethernovia Secures $64 Million Funding

May 26, 2023 by Jake Hertz

As validation of its technology, Ethernovia recently raised a large sum in its A-round financing.

Broadcom to Supply Apple’s 5G Components in the US

May 24, 2023 by Jake Hertz

Despite Apple’s internal efforts, the company still needs to rely on third parties for wireless chips.