Researchers Takes Inspiration From Superman’s X-Ray Vision for Imaging Chip

one day ago by Aaron Carman

A research team at the University of Texas at Dallas has turned to radar to reveal hidden objects—illuminating the potential of true terahertz imaging.

TDK YFF 3-Terminal Filters | Featured Product Spotlight

19 hours ago by Mouser Electronics

TDK YFF 3-Terminal Filters offers ultra-low equivalent series inductance (ESL) solutions, designed to replace traditional multi-component LC circuits with an innovative structure. Watch and learn all about their features, specs, applications, and more!


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Codasip Claims ‘Best-in-Class’ RISC-V Core for Power-Conscious Designs

4 days ago by Mike Falter

The L110 embedded RISC-V processor core is highly configurable using the new Codasip Studio Fusion design automation toolset.

Next-Gen IGBTs Offer Efficiency for Solar Inverters, Storage, Motors

June 12, 2024 by Kevin Clemens

Onsemi’s 7th generation IGBT modules simplify design and reduce costs in high-power applications. Onsemi spoke with us about the products unveiled at PCIM 2024 in Germany.

Understanding the Effect of Eddy Currents on the High-Frequency Behavior of Magnetic Cores

June 12, 2024 by Dr. Steve Arar

The formation of eddy currents can cause problems for magnetic cores at high frequencies. To mitigate these undesirable effects, we first need to understand them.

Effective Monitoring, Test, and Repair of Multi-Die Designs

In Partnership with Synopsys

Discover how Synopsys' multi-die solutions tackle the challenges of testing and repairing chiplets, interconnects, and multi-die stacks for reliable, high-performance designs.