Image Sensors Suit up For AR/VR, Face Recognition, and More

one day ago by Ikimi .O

To serve the demands of a fast growing image sensor market, technology suppliers have rolled out innovative image sensor solutions, targeting AR/VR, face recognition, and autonomous cars.

Infineon Technologies CY7C652xx EZ-USB™ Serial Bridge Controllers | Featured Product Spotlight

19 hours ago by Mouser Electronics

This Featured Product Spotlight is part of a video series exploring the specifications, applications, and market context of new products.


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System Calibration and Background Calibration in Precision ADCs

4 days ago by Dr. Steve Arar

Learn about two calibration functions in precision ADCs: system calibration and background calibration modes.

“World’s Smallest” GaN Laser Chip to be Mass Produced on Silicon Substrate

5 days ago by Aaron Carman

A new GaN laser chip from Kyocera may shine a path forward for low-cost, high-yield optoelectronics chips on silicon substrates.

EZ-PD™ PMG1 high voltage MCU with integrated buck/boost controller for battery powered applications

In Partnership with Infineon

Make the most of EZ-PD™ PMG1-B1, a high-voltage MCU for USB-PD with an integrated buck-boost battery charge controller.

Startup Validates its MEMS Scanning Mirror Process for LiDARs

November 30, 2022 by Jeff Child

Setting out to overcome the drawbacks of today’s LiDAR mirror alternatives, Omnitron Sensors has crafted a 3D MEMS technology fit for low-cost, high-volume markets.