SiTime Targets Data Centers and Network Gear With MEMS OXCO Family

one day ago by Jake Hertz

Armed with specifications well suited to data center and network infrastructure needs, these new MEMS-based oven-controlled crystal oscillators (OXCOs) ensure robust precision timing.

KEMET Disc Shape Piezoelectric Transducers | New Product Brief

September 11, 2023 by Mouser Electronics

KEMET Electronics' Disc Shape Piezoelectric Transducers harness the power of cutting-edge piezoceramic materials to leverage the remarkable piezoelectric effect. Watch and learn all about their features, specs, applications, and more!


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Connector Reboots: Apple iPhone Goes USB-C, Intel Delivers Thunderbolt 5

2 days ago by Jake Hertz

It’s a consequential time in the connectivity world. While Apple switches to USB-C on its new iPhone 15, Intel has released version 5 of its Thunderbolt standard.

Toshiba Adds Six Over-Temperature Detection ICs to Portfolio

4 days ago by Aaron Carman

The latest Toshiba temperature ICs extend the applicability of Thermoflagger technology.

CPU Designer Jim Keller Rethinks RISC-V AI Processing at Tenstorrent

4 days ago by Jake Hertz

Hailed for his historic microprocessor designs at AMD, Apple, and Broadcom, Jim Keller is onto his next CPU endeavor at Tenstorrent.

Building a One-Shot Multivibrator with an ESP32 Terminal Display:  A Radio Shack Classics Circuit Remix

September 17, 2023 by Don Wilcher

In this hands-on project, we will update a 1980s version of a one-shot (monostable multivibrator) circuit by giving it a modern, colorful output while also examining the circuit's operation.