CHIPS Act Gets a Boost With the Semiconductor Technology Pilot Program

2 days ago by Jake Hertz

The new program from the USPTO aims to jump-start research, development, and investment in the domestic semiconductor industry.

ADVANTECH VEGA-X110 MXM 3.1 Type A Embedded GPU Card | New Product Brief

December 04, 2023 by Mouser Electronics

The Advantech VEGA-X110 MXM 3.1 Type A Embedded GPU Card is a robust graphics processing unit powered by the Intel Arc A370M GPU. Watch and learn all about their features, specs, applications, and more!


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RF Amplifier Stability Factors and Stabilization Techniques

About 4 days ago by Dr. Steve Arar

Learn ways to test an RF amplifier's stability, techniques to stabilize its operation, and how RF design software can help you do both.

Renesas Champions the RISC-V Cause With Its Own 32-bit RISC-V CPU

About 5 days ago by Duane Benson

Renesas has announced one of the first independently developed 32-bit RISC-V CPUs.

Diamond-Based Schottky Barrier Diodes Show ‘Highest Breakdown Voltage’

5 days ago by Aaron Carman

Diamonds are an engineer's best friend? With a breakdown voltage of ~5 kV, diamond-based devices may hold the key to higher efficiency in power systems.

A 10 Million Mile Message: Behind NASA’s Deep Space Optical Comms Laser

December 04, 2023 by Duane Benson

The optical communication system has successfully received "first light" after sending data by laser to and from far beyond the Moon.