MIT Creates New Way to Incorporate Sensors Into 3D-printed Designs

one day ago by Kristijan Nelkovski

With a single pass through a 3D printer, a new system allows engineers to integrate sensors into gears and other rotational mechanisms.

Intelligent Memory DRAM | Digital Datasheet

5 days ago by All About Circuits

AAC’s Digital Datasheet video series introduces the specs and applications of components—both new and familiar—straight from their datasheets.


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Sweep Tool for LCR Meter R&S®LCX

In Partnership with Rohde & Schwarz

Learn more about a PC-based software tool for comfortably setting sweeps and displaying the results in numerous charts.

Rethinking Data Center SSDs in Context of Real-World Workloads and TCO

In Partnership with Swissbit

Swissbit Data Center SSD offers a radical new approach to improve performance, latency, and endurance over the lifetime of the SSD, and thus quality of service and TCO.

Modules and Dev Kits Emerge for Building Amazon Sidewalk Devices

3 days ago by Jake Hertz

As the company opens Sidewalk up for testing, the service from Amazon could have big implications in the IoT and smart home space.

Startup Enfabrica’s Accelerated Compute Fabric Addresses AI/ML in the Cloud

4 days ago by Dale Wilson

The networking silicon and software company emerged from stealth mode today at the inaugural MemCon, where it is introducing new Accelerated Compute Fabric (ACF) devices with the goal of addressing interface bottlenecks and scalability challenges in AI computing.