“World’s First” Organic BJT—Could Organic Transistors Take Off?

one day ago by Jake Hertz

Researchers at TU Dresden have created the "world's first" efficient organic bipolar junction transistor (OBJT).

Cree LED XLamp® XHP70.3 High-Intensity LEDs | New Product Brief

one day ago by Mouser Electronics

This New Product Brief (NPB) is part of a video series highlighting the features, applications, and technical specs of newly-released products.


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Digi-Key Spins Up Digital Walkthrough of the “Modern Engineer’s Workshop”

5 days ago by Jake Hertz

A new immersive experience may provide insights into the tools at a modern engineer’s disposal.

TI Rolls Out Bluetooth LE MCU With +8 dBm RF Power for $0.79

June 22, 2022 by Jeff Child

Offering a blend of low-power, high RF power, and a $0.79 price, Texas Instruments (TI) has released a new Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) MCU aimed at the growing connected device market.

RISC-V Shines at Embedded World With New Specs and Processors

June 21, 2022 by Jeff Child

At Embedded World 2022 today, RISC-V activity heats up as RISC-V International reveals four new spec approvals and SiFive unveils a new version of its X280 processor.

Companies Use Radar to Alert When Children Are Left in Backseats

June 20, 2022 by Jake Hertz

Every year, 38 children die from heatstroke after being left in a vehicle. New radar solutions may be key to reducing that figure.