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Duane Benson’s involvement in the hardware and software design world goes back to the days of the CDP1802, 6502, and Z80, and up through current microcontrollers such as Microchip PIC, Atmel Atmega, and whomever’s ARM. After hours, he designs microcontroller and motor control boards for small robots, Arduino-compatible custom hardware, and Raspberry Pi accessories. He’s run a successful Kickstarter and is working semi-diligently toward completion of his “Designing Arduino-code-compatible Hardware” book. In his day job, he has been dishing out PCB layout and DFM advice via his company blog since 2006. Duane is also a contributor to industry technical publications and conferences on the topics of microcontrollers, trends in prototyping, the Internet of Things, beginning FPGA introduction, and small systems development.

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