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Duane Benson’s involvement in the hardware and software design world goes back to the days of the CDP1802, 6502, and Z80, and up through current microcontrollers such as Microchip PIC, Atmega, whomever’s ARM and the newer FPGAs from Xilinx (AMD) and Lattice. After hours, he designs microcontrollers and motor control boards for small robots, Arduino-compatible custom hardware, and Raspberry Pi accessories. Duane is one of the leading industry experts in ODEM (on-demand electronics manufacturing). ODEM takes what is traditionally a multi-week NPI (new product introduction) process and compresses it down to just a few hours. Today, I spend my time consulting, writing, and speaking on subjects such as ODEM systems development for the manufacturing industry, DFM (design for manufacturing), marketing for engineer entrepreneurs, and all aspects of prototyping. He is a speaker at industry events on subjects such as DFM, prototyping, robotics, ODEM, marketing for engineer entrepreneurs, and a variety of other business and technical subjects.

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