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Enter to win this full set of Aven 10105 Professional Automatic Wire Strippers!

Aven 10105 Professional Automatic Wire Strippers feature a spring-loaded handle, non-slip comfort grip, and a steel mechanism with a built-in safety shield. The tempered high-carbon steel blades provide thousands of cuts. The tools offer a built-in peg hole for easy storage on a tool belt or on a pegboard. The 10105 Wire Strippers are designed for easy wire stripping and are ideal for use in home, automotive, or A/V wiring applications.


  • Quick and easy wire stripping
  • Professional-quality tool for fast and consistent wire stripping
  • Easy to use, simply insert the wire and squeeze the handle
  • Spring mechanism automatically holds wire, cuts, and strips insulation clean leaving a bare wire
  • Non-slip grips, steel mechanism
  • Built-in peg hole for storing on a pegboard, and can be used to hang from a tool belt
  • Tempered high-carbon steel blades are designed for thousands of cuts

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  • J
    jblank December 08, 2021

    These automatic wire strippers will eliminate the frustration of stripping wires. No more nicked and broken wires!

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  • A
    Artfuldgr December 08, 2021

    I wonder if these would convince me that I should have been using (wire) strippers all these years…

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  • C
    cyrusthepirus December 13, 2021

    I need the wire strippers because I can’t afford one, and need one badly for experiments

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