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Broadcom DUAL 1B SiC Module Evaluation Board Giveaway

In partnership with EBV Elektronik

Giveaway Overview

The Broadcom® EB1200-355JC evaluation board features Broadcom’s 10A gate drive optocouplers ACPL-355JC, used to drive SiC MOSFET module in DUAL 1B housing. The ACPL-355JC has 100kV/µs common-mode noise immunity and high insulation working voltage of 2262VPK in CTI>600V package.

The evaluation board is designed to be used with DUAL 1B, 1200V SiC MOSFET module, FF11MR12W1M1. With adequate adjustments of the over-current protection and gate resistors, the EB1200-355JC can support modules from different manufacturers in the same packaging, rated up to 1200V and having the same pin assignment.

The board also features isolated amplifiers ACPL-C87B, for DC Bus voltage and temperature measurements, and sigma-delta modulator ACPL-736J for output current measurement. In addition, the board features an integrated capacitor DC Bus with an optimized layout that minimizes the commutation loop inductance. 


  • Two isolated, 10A ACPL-355JC gate drive optocouplers
  • Two ACPL-C87B optically isolated amplifiers for DC bus voltage and temperature measurement
  • One ACPL-736J sigma-delta modulator for current sensing 
  • One DUAL 1B 1200 V, 11 mΩ half-bridge module with SiC MOSFET, FF11MR12W1M1


  • AC motor drives
  • Renewable energy inverters
  • Industrial inverters
  • Switching power supplies

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