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HiSAT-COT ® Control, Extremely Small 600mA Sync. Step-Down DC/DC Converters XC9290/XC9291 Series


Input voltage range:
2.5V to 6.0V
Output voltage range:
0.7V to 3.6V
Maximum load current:
Oscillation frequency option:
4MHz, 6.0MHz
Control method:
XC9290 F-PWM, XC9291 PWM/PFM
Soft-Start, UVLO, OCP and CL discharge
Package option:
WLP-5-08 (0.96mm*0.88mm, h: 0.3mm)
LGA-6B01 (1.20mm*1.20mm, h: 0.3mm)


Enter to Win a Torex XC9291 Series Evaluation Board

  • XC9291B12E0R-G (1.2Vout)
  • XC9291B18E0R-G (1.8Vout)


Torex Semiconductor offers an evaluation board for their XC9291 series, a synchronous buck converter series with a HiSAT-COT providing High-Speed Transient Response, High Efficiency, and World’s Smallest Solution. This product offers Low EMI and Low Noise and is suitable for any application that requires battery-powered designs like wearable/hearable devices and connected sensors.  

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Key Features

World's Smallest Solutions - 3.5mm

  • 0.8x0.45mm Inductor
  • 0.6x0.3mm Ceramic Capacitor


High-Speed Transient Response

  • HiSAT-COT control

    • HiSAT-COT is a Torex proprietary high-speed transient response technology for DC/DC converters
  •   Ideal for high precision and high stability power rails required in SoC power designs


Low EMI & Low Noise

  • Low ripple voltage even with 0.6x0.3mm size low effective ceramic capacitor

  • Ultra-low EMI with minimized layout pattern

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