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Giveaway | Force Sensing Demo Box from Vishay

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The VCNL series includes an ASIC with a feature-rich DSP section, allowing seamless operation when used with haptic actuators. The integrated DSP offers functions such as proximity cancellation, internal averaging, threshold-driven interrupts, selectable measurement rate and more.

Providing developers with tools to easily implement haptic feedback and perform precise system calibration even on low-cost and low-end MCU processing platforms.

Combined with a haptic feedback actuator, the VCNL series can be used to develop HMIs with high reliability, consume less power, last longer and providing satisfying tactile feedback during operation.

As part of their comprehensive support for the VCNL series, Vishay also offers a stand-alone force-sensing demonstrator based on the VCNL4030X01 sensor. The demonstrator can be used as a proof of concept and a reference for custom designs.

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  • OCHAR JAMES January 25, 2022

    It is a good explore ,invention and innovation.

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  • OCHAR JAMES January 26, 2022

    Am happy that ALL ABOUT CIRCUIT is gona be known in Uganda #East Africa
    For God and My country.

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  • OCHAR JAMES January 26, 2022

    I will use this vishay force sencing Demo Box in my final year project. This prize will make design a very unique, economical and   a less power comsuming project

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