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InnoPhase Talaria TWO Wi-Fi + BLE5 | Low Power Sensor Board Development Kit Giveaway

In partnership with InnoPhase

We are giving away an innovative development kit with the world’s lowest power Talaria TWO Wi-Fi + BLE5 module to inspire the creativity of engineers and designers.  Use this hardware reference design to develop new, groundbreaking solutions to today’s challenges for a variety of cloud-connected, battery-powered smart sensors applications.

The platform will come pre-programmed with a dual-mode application for evaluating:  1.) Always connected mode for frequent data posting, remote control and device management, and 2.) “Sleeping” mode with periodic connection for ultra-long battery life.  The application will read and post sensor data directly to Amazon Web Services (AWS) using Talaria TWO’s Wi-Fi and can deliver 5+ years of battery life.  Users will need to program the board with their individual AWS information, including AWS server and certificates.  Wi-Fi credentials can be programmed over BLE using the InnoPhase smartphone app.

The Low Power Sensor Board includes the following hardware components:

  • InnoPhase Talaria TWO INP1014 Ultra-Low Power Wi-Fi+BLE5 Module
  • Nuvoton M251 MCU
  • Sensors: PIR and VOC
  • ON/OFF Pushbutton Switch
  • Power Management
  • External Battery Holder

Board Interfaces / Ports:

  • Grove I2C Port – connect a wide variety of sensor and relay devices (available from Seeed Studio)

  • Two Additional Sensor Ports (Sensor 3 & 4)
  • 4x4 Keypad Interface
  • Two Current Measurement Ports:  overall battery measurement and INP1014 specific
  • Battery Connector

Kit Contents:

  • One (1) InnoPhase Low Power Sensor Board (with pre-loaded sensor application)
  • One (1) Tag-Connect EC10-IDC-050 10-pin Castellated Board-Edge Connector for programming InnoPhase INP1014 Module and Nuvoton M251 MCU through JTAG (EC10-IDC Datasheet)
  • One (1) InnoPhase INP3000 Programmer Board for USB-to-JTAG connection (for Talaria TWO)
  • One (1) InnoPhase BlackMagic Programmer/Current Evaluation Board
    • Programs Talaria TWO Module
    • Programs Nuvoton M251
    • Evaluates Current Consumption
  • One (1) USB-A to USB-Micro-B Cable
  • Sensor Application source code for Talaria TWO Module and Nuvoton MCU
  • Low Power Sensor Board schematics
  • Smartphone App for BLE Provisioning (contained in InnoPhase Talaria TWO SDK)


  • Access to Nuvoton M251 Software Development and Programming Tools
  • Access to InnoPhase Talaria TWO SDK
    • Requires InnoPhase MNDA and DTLA signature and registration on the InnoPhase Customer Portal for access (click HERE for further details)
  • Personal or Corporate AWS account for posting data using AWS IoT Core


Board shipments to giveaway winners will be fulfilled in January 2022

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    GireeshTS November 24, 2021

    IOT Based Home Automation

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    ascorptechnoart November 26, 2021

    Willing to use in Home Automation and Remote sensing application for farms.

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    verybond November 28, 2021

    Office security gadget

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