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MCX MCU Design Contest using NXP’s FRDM Boards

In partnership with DigiKey and NXP

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MCX for infinite possibilities and creative FRDM!  

We are excited to announce the MCX MCU design contest, inviting developers from all over the globe to unleash your imagination and design without bounds using NXP's FRDM development platform.  With MCX and FRDM, the possibilities are endless!  The enriched FRDM platform provides the hardware, software and tools you need to bring your ideas to life.  Say goodbye to limitations and hello to a world of limitless creativity.

To kickstart your journey, we are offering two FRDM board options featuring NXP's new MCX N and MCX A series microcontrollers.  FRDM boards come with a standard form factor and headers, easy access to MCU I/Os, and an on-board MCU-Link debugger. 

Board 1: FRDM-MCXN947 featuring the MCX N Series
Board 2: FRDM-MCXA153 featuring the MCX A Series

MCX N Series are high-performance, low-power MCUs featuring a dual-core architecture, on-chip accelerators and intelligent peripherals for multi-tasking capabilities and performance efficiency.

MCX A Series are all-purpose MCUs designed to address a wide range of applications featuring low power and intelligent peripherals.  The innovative power architecture is designed to support high utilization of I/Os and power efficiency with a simple suppy circuit in a smaller footprint.  It also supports more GPIO pins for additional external connections.

Get Developing Today!

Get developing today using our MCUXpresso Developer Experience.  You have the power of choice with multiple IDE options, tools for simple device configuration, and debug tools.  Access NXP's Application Code Hub to easily find software examples or demos and import directly into an IDE.  NXP's Expansion Board Hub allows you to find a wide range of add-on boards from NXP and partners to extend the capabilities of your FRDM board.  You can pair your FRDM board with different kinds of shields for evaluation and rapid prototyping for your specific design.  We’ve put together this comprehensive Expansion Board Resource List so you can get developing right away.

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  • N
    neerajrd2003 April 24, 2024

    I would like to use FRDM-MCXN947 board to plot the performance curve of JET Engine under various conditions by calculating the values of primary & secondary RPM of Engine. Digital & analog data will be taken by using Engine control unit.

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  • Mustang1965 May 03, 2024

    I am currently using a Raspberry Pi to get this project up and running.  I believe that using the FRDM-MCXN947 would be a much better board for this purpose. If I get one that would be fantastic if not I will continue using the Pi for this project. Has been interesting so far. When finished this system will also be incorporated into my Home Assistant setup along with a 10” wall monitor.

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  • A
    Abdou007 May 17, 2024

    Development of a smart home energy management system using the FRDM-MCXN947 board to enhance energy efficiency, security, and user convenience.
    The FRDM-MCXN947, featuring the MCX N series Arm Cortex-M33 microcontroller, is the ideal platform for an intelligent energy management system. This project aims to optimize home energy usage through machine learning and provide robust security features.
    1. Energy Monitoring and Control: Utilize sensors to monitor the electricity consumption of appliances, lighting, and HVAC systems. The board’s intelligent peripherals and on-chip accelerators enable real-time data processing and control.
    2. Machine Learning: Implement NXP’s eIQ® Neutron NPU to analyze usage patterns and predict optimal energy-saving actions, such as adjusting heating/cooling schedules and dimming lights when rooms are unoccupied.
    3. Remote Access and Automation: Allow users to control and monitor home energy consumption remotely via a smartphone app, leveraging the board’s Ethernet and USB connectivity for seamless cloud integration.
    4. Enhanced Security: Use the EdgeLock® Secure Enclave to ensure secure boot, hardware-accelerated cryptography, and system integrity, protecting user data and preventing unauthorized access.
    This project showcases the FRDM-MCXN947’s capability to create a secure, efficient, and intelligent home energy management system, addressing modern energy challenges with a user-friendly and reliable solution

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