ND Series Pressure Sensors - Evaluation Kit Giveaway

In partnership with Superior Sensor Technology

Enter below for your chance to win a ND Series Pressure Sensors Evaluation Kit!

All About Circuits in collaboration with Superior Sensor Technology is giving away an evaluation board with 5 ND Series pressure sensors. Designed for a wide variety of applications, the ND Series consists of differential, gauge and absolute pressure sensors. The differential/gauge pressure sensors support up to 7 pressure ranges in one device. The absolute pressure sensors support pressures from 15 psia to 150 psia, making them ideal for barometric applications. All sensors include advanced digital filtering and an integrated 50/60Hz notch filter. The ND Series will simplify product designs, accelerate time to market and reduce sensor inventory costs by up to a factor of 7.

The evaluation system consists of an evaluation board plus your choice of 5 different ND Series sensors. Evaluation Kit connects to a PC via USB interface for configuration and testing. Winner selects evaluation board with either I2C or SPI interface.

What's in the Box?

  • Evaluation board
  • Connector cable
  • USB drive with software and documentation
  • 5 ND Series pressure sensors (winner's choice on which models to include)

Key Features/Specifications of ND Series

  • Up to 7 Selectable Pressure Ranges per Device (differential models only)
  • 16-bit resolution (each selected range)
  • Exceptional Zero Stability
  • Integrated 50/60Hz Notch Filter
  • Selectable Bandwidth Filter from 1.0Hz to 200Hz
  • Output Data Rate up to 444Hz
  • Total Error Band less than 0.15% FSS
  • Very High Accuracy up to +/- 0.05% of Selected Range
  • Long Term Stability up to +/- 0.05% FSS in the first year
  • Temperature Compensated -20°C to 85°C
  • Supply Voltage Compensation
  • Fully Integrated Compensation Math

ND Series Low Pressure Differential Sensors

  • ND210: ±62.5 to ±2.5 kPa (±0.25 to ±10 inH2O)
  • ND110: ±125 to ±2.5 kPa (±0.5 to ±10 inH2O)
  • ND120: ±250 to ±5 kPa (±1 to ±20 inH2O)
  • ND130: ±500 to ±7.5 kPa (±2 to ±30 inH2O)

ND Series Mid Pressure Differential Sensors

  • ND005D: ±0.5 to ±5 psi
  • ND015D: ±1 to ±15 psi
  • ND030D: ±5 to ±30 psi
  • ND060D: ±10 to ±60 psi
  • ND100D: ±40 to ±100 psi
  • ND150D: ±50 to ±150 psi

ND Series Mid Pressure Absolute Sensors

  • ND015A: 0 to 15 psia
  • ND030A: 0 to 30 psia
  • ND060A: 0 to 60 psia
  • ND100A: 0 to 100 psia
  • ND150A: 0 to 150 psia


For more information about the ND Series, click here.

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  • Mustang1965 August 27, 2022

    Wining this PRIZE will really help with a number of ongoing projects that I am working on at the moment. One involves these sensors be utilized in cycling, another in sailing and the final in Home Automation. As I work with both IC2 and SPI protocols I would opt for the IC2 protocol as most of my projects utilize this protocol. Granted it is slower than SPI and uses more power, but in my opinion it tends to work better with analog type sensors. Thanks for making this evaluation kit available. Don

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  • A
    Artfuldgr September 28, 2022

    Since the idea that a better description of what i am working on to increase my odds just seems like skewing outcomes at best if it works, and a odd exercise if it falls on deaf ears (eyes?).

    So… in that interest.. I wish everyone who enters the best of luck!

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