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The NXP i.MX 93 EVK

Accelerate your design now!

The i.MX 93 EVK for 11x11mm sample provides a platform for comprehensive evaluation of the i.MX 93 applications processors and also includes the ability to measure power consumption on the power rails.

The two-board solution consists of a compute module that contains i.MX 93 SoC, LPDDR4, eMMC, QSPI, NXP PCA9451A PMIC and power monitoring circuits and a base board that brings out the broad connectivity that is needed for product evaluation. This kit provides an excellent starting point to accelerate your own design.


Kit Contains:

  • i.MX 93 CPU Module
  • Base Board
  • 1x USB 3.0 to Type C Cable
  • 1x USB A to Micro B Cable
  • 1x USB Type C Power Supply

Learn more about the i.MX 93 Applications Processor family

View the AN13917 Application Note here »

NXP - Getting Started with NXP's i.MX93 EVK








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  • Mustang1965 November 08, 2023

    Currently, I am in the process of designing a system that becomes the control point for multiple HVAC mini-split/cassette units that will work in conjunction with their individual thermostats (2-5). The goal is to insure that units that are close to activating while other units are running will automatically start before the running units reach their cutoff temp. This will reduce the compressor overall runtime, there by implementing cost savings over time.

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  • A
    AlexUli December 08, 2023

    I had a chance to work with imx8qm evaluation board, evaluating its security features to protect DRM content. The board had a wonderful powerful SoC.
    Would be interesting to see This one as the next step.

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  • T
    Tuck_Wai December 26, 2023

    It seems that the NXP i.MX93 Evaluation Kit can be used for Home automation HMI since it has USB C connector for powering it, ethernet port, audio jack on it connects to external speaker, support for parallel camera via 2x20 Rpi connector pin or via MIPI CSI, connects to LCD touchscreen display via MIPI DSI or 2x20 RPi pin with Adafruit DPI TFT Kippah board, also possible to connect for PDM microphone. It can also use together with GUI Guider from NXP.

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