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Join our partnered giveaway with ON Semiconductor for the opportunity to win a STR-NCP3235-EVK evaluation board!

The STR-NCP3235-EVK evaluation board includes an NCP3235, which is a 15A DC/DC converter that offers internal MOSFETs and flexibility in design. 

A few of its prominent features include adjustable output voltage, current limit, and soft-start timing. This product is capable of switching frequencies up to 550 kHz or 1MHz and enables users to select between DCM/CCM operating modes. The product is also offered in a thermally enhanced 6mm by 6mm TQFN package. 


Board Features 

• Accurate 0.6 V reference

• DCM/CCM selectable options

• 550kHz/1.1MHz switching frequency

• Ultra-sonic mode

• Thermally enhanced QFN package

• Wide operating range 4.5 V to 21 V

• Adjustable soft start


Board Benefits 

• Adjustable output to set desired voltage as low as 0.6 V

• Operate in a discontinuous mode for higher efficiency at light loads

• Design flexibility to select higher efficiency or smaller output filter

• Keeps capacitors from making audio sounds

• Higher dissipation with 3 exposed pads

• Allows for use across multiple applications

• Allows smooth ramp up during power up


Board Applications 

• Computing/Servers

• Datacom/Networking

• FPGA, ASIC, DSP power

• 12 V Point of load

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67 Ideas

  • Icsezer 2019-08-09

    Step Up Converter for Caravan Battery

  • datamstr 2019-08-09

    DC Converter for LED Moving Message Board

  • CharlieO21 2019-08-09

    DC-DC converter for automated test equipment in automotive industry.

  • JustSomeHuman 2019-08-09

    DC-DC Converter for biomedical research instrumentation.

  • Marsiau 2019-08-09

    PSU for a custom FPGA based SDR platform

  • jrmusso 2019-08-09

    On Board Sound Board Power Converter for Model Trains

  • jrmusso 2019-08-09

    On Board Power Converter for Model Train Sound Module

  • chillibenny 2019-08-09

    Stand-Alone Solar DC-DC Convertor for Pest Management on Rural Properties utilizing a Deep Learning CCTV Server and Analitics from a Thermal Auto-Tracking PTZ.

  • Kjohnstone 2019-08-09

    DC converter for semiconductor manufacturing ATE.

  • Fcathers72 2019-08-09

    Being an engineer over 40 year and forced to retirement, A broad spectrum from relays in bell labs 5xbar to configural radios in FPGA,  Decided to build a relay calculator. using only 1950’s technology. The problem is finding that tech and when accomplished voltages are all over the place. +22,+12,+5 & -5. so i need a drop in design

  • Fenton J. Pincer 2019-08-09

    DC converter for vintage European multimeter

  • Serge Fortier 2019-08-09

    DC-DC converter for automated test equipment

  • Padre 2019-08-09

    DC Converter

  • techdcs 2019-08-10

    DC-DC convertor for my Lab Power Supply

  • jhannon 2019-08-10

    Solar charging of battery bank.

  • gohinnchyun 2019-08-12

    Power up consumer printer using battery

  • fenil ladani 2019-08-12

    This would be useful for high current switching circuit.

  • mark1914 2019-08-12

    backup/emergency power system

  • mesalvi 2019-08-15

    This can be useful for testing sound amplifier designed for music.

  • kchandra 2019-08-20

    Adjustable light in the room.

  • Leszek 70 2019-08-21

    emergency / basic power supply with adjustment. autonomous - a service set that does not require mains power - solar, I would have to complete with a solar panel and instrumentation. precise test power supply - power supply for low energy control systems

  • terry wegener 1 2019-08-22

    Control of pump motor for soft start and speed control for variable water flow rates.

  • mlsirkis 2019-08-23

    DC converter for powering audio mixer.

  • Marek Cherubin 2019-08-23

    solar system power conversion

  • noelrios999 2019-08-23

    DC-DC converter for Solar Battery SLA charger and LED power supply

  • Anisch9 2019-08-24

    Validation for power management circuits

  • tgray143 2019-08-26

    DC converter for prototype breadboard projects

  • mahmood.hassan 2019-08-28

    Fail safe power supply system for Raspberry Pi 4 based Kubernetes cluster.

  • sabba 2019-08-29

    Energy efficient systems with custom FPGA-based design for environmental monitoring sensors.

  • fferolin 2019-09-02

    DIY kits

  • Demon Cloud 2019-09-08

    Direct Solar Powered Outdoor HiFi Audio Systems Power Supply

  • morgan1351 2019-09-08

    Educational Lab, like a DC converter,  for undergraduate students

  • Brainfreez77 2019-09-19

    This is the perfect circuit to experiment with brushless motor technology and control

  • gauravmanikhanal 2019-09-20

    DC converter for solar energy harvesting application

  • TMIAUDIO 2019-09-20

    Analog preregulator.

  • Jose Zaw 2019-09-20

    power supply for aerospace product

  • DC-DC converter for test equipment

  • Stephen Scutt 2019-09-21

    Power application for re purposing a solenoid driven 8 hole paper tape punch.

  • electronslayer 2019-09-21

    To power an automotive CAN communications device to test it, without the vehicle.

  • Xfoldvar 2019-09-22

    Testing an audio amps and audio pre-amps. And maybe an DC - DC converter, but i would prefer a audio aplication.

  • Alex48 2019-09-23

    Laboratory power supply

  • skola 2019-09-23

    Use in school for various exercises (source,

  • Eddie_Bendels 2019-09-24

    usually (old/actual) “Lab-Power Supplies” can output from 0 - 30V at e.g. max 1,5A
    however this is un-efficient to power “modern PCBs”
    I think the NCP3235 is the ideal device to build a Lab-Supply
    which can provide an output-supply-voltage e.g. from 0,6 - 12V
    (especially regarding wide load-current ranges)

  • mysteral 2019-09-24

    Intelligent battery charging system operating from mains, solar panels wind turbine inputs

  • mysteral 2019-09-24

    Intelligent battery charging system operating from mains, solar panels wind turbine inputs

  • GeorgeCT 2019-09-25

    Power conditioning for remotely located radio transmitting equipment.

  • Maftah Mehdwai 2019-09-25

    Set up converter and integrated with circuit to test motor

  • salim-flash 2019-09-25

    House control

  • MasaiDj B 2019-09-25

    Sound Board Power Converter for audio system

  • acridships 2019-09-25

    a series of devices to monitor ble, wifi and cell freq,  tied into a buildings security logging for whose cell phone, computing devices,  and vehicles are in the area at any time.  and also tied into network activity logs so a ‘normal’ baseline is detected, then to warn when out of spec activity occurs.

  • Sdawra 2019-09-26

    Step up converter for drone application

  • musacar 2019-09-26

    Solar panel blackout curtains.

  • WallzFallOut 2019-09-27

    When constructing an Interocitor, this could be used to supply DC to the cathermin tube with an indium complex of +4

  • nik2402 2019-09-28

    High power fast switching DCDC converter for pulsed radar application. The main criteria here is to support the load requirements during the Radar pulse. Usually these pulses are fast and then bandwidth of dcdc is low to support the load

  • Sadush 2019-09-28

    I would apprepriate to have something in electronics to provide effective practical lessons to my students in Kosovo.

  • Sadush 2019-09-28

    DC power supply will gonna help me much more than other component

  • Drewdette 2019-09-28

    To use as a dc converter when working on projects towards my degree and hopefully a piece of kit I can get years of use out off thank you

  • Hertix 2019-09-29

    Light-weight DC/DC-converter for Fuel Cell Stack 500A Output with SIC Power Mosers.

  • Michael.tsohos 2019-09-29

    Step up converter for solar park

  • Itguydeva 2019-09-29

    Heath control

  • Wavebourn 2019-09-29

    Filament power for DHT

  • Kalocsa Roland 2019-09-30

    Charging a large Li-Ion battery pack from solar panel, and after if it fully charged, supply different kind of DC consumers in the house.

  • Andrews2010inc 2019-09-30


  • meetagriglani 2019-10-01

    Vending machine

  • profdramsharaf 2019-10-01

    Design of a new MPPT dynamic tracking regulator for PV arrays.

  • russianbear 2019-10-03

    Drone controller extender/transceiver

  • RobertDGlass 2019-10-03

    Bench power source
    Lab voltage supply, Lab current supply, Battery charger, and Servo driver.