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Join our partnered giveaway with ON Semiconductor for the opportunity to win a STR-NCP3235-EVK evaluation board!

The STR-NCP3235-EVK evaluation board includes an NCP3235, which is a 15A DC/DC converter that offers internal MOSFETs and flexibility in design. 

A few of its prominent features include adjustable output voltage, current limit, and soft-start timing. This product is capable of switching frequencies up to 550 kHz or 1MHz and enables users to select between DCM/CCM operating modes. The product is also offered in a thermally enhanced 6mm by 6mm TQFN package. 


Board Features 

• Accurate 0.6 V reference

• DCM/CCM selectable options

• 550kHz/1.1MHz switching frequency

• Ultra-sonic mode

• Thermally enhanced QFN package

• Wide operating range 4.5 V to 21 V

• Adjustable soft start


Board Benefits 

• Adjustable output to set desired voltage as low as 0.6 V

• Operate in a discontinuous mode for higher efficiency at light loads

• Design flexibility to select higher efficiency or smaller output filter

• Keeps capacitors from making audio sounds

• Higher dissipation with 3 exposed pads

• Allows for use across multiple applications

• Allows smooth ramp up during power up


Board Applications 

• Computing/Servers

• Datacom/Networking

• FPGA, ASIC, DSP power

• 12 V Point of load

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21 Ideas

  • Icsezer 2019-08-09

    Step Up Converter for Caravan Battery

  • datamstr 2019-08-09

    DC Converter for LED Moving Message Board

  • CharlieO21 2019-08-09

    DC-DC converter for automated test equipment in automotive industry.

  • JustSomeHuman 2019-08-09

    DC-DC Converter for biomedical research instrumentation.

  • Marsiau 2019-08-09

    PSU for a custom FPGA based SDR platform

  • jrmusso 2019-08-09

    On Board Sound Board Power Converter for Model Trains

  • jrmusso 2019-08-09

    On Board Power Converter for Model Train Sound Module

  • chillibenny 2019-08-09

    Stand-Alone Solar DC-DC Convertor for Pest Management on Rural Properties utilizing a Deep Learning CCTV Server and Analitics from a Thermal Auto-Tracking PTZ.

  • Kjohnstone 2019-08-09

    DC converter for semiconductor manufacturing ATE.

  • Fcathers72 2019-08-09

    Being an engineer over 40 year and forced to retirement, A broad spectrum from relays in bell labs 5xbar to configural radios in FPGA,  Decided to build a relay calculator. using only 1950’s technology. The problem is finding that tech and when accomplished voltages are all over the place. +22,+12,+5 & -5. so i need a drop in design

  • Fenton J. Pincer 2019-08-09

    DC converter for vintage European multimeter

  • Serge Fortier 2019-08-09

    DC-DC converter for automated test equipment

  • Padre 2019-08-09

    DC Converter

  • techdcs 2019-08-10

    DC-DC convertor for my Lab Power Supply

  • jhannon 2019-08-10

    Solar charging of battery bank.

  • gohinnchyun 2019-08-12

    Power up consumer printer using battery

  • fenil ladani 2019-08-12

    This would be useful for high current switching circuit.

  • mark1914 2019-08-12

    backup/emergency power system

  • mesalvi 2019-08-15

    This can be useful for testing sound amplifier designed for music.

  • kchandra 2019-08-20

    Adjustable light in the room.

  • Leszek 70 2019-08-21

    emergency / basic power supply with adjustment. autonomous - a service set that does not require mains power - solar, I would have to complete with a solar panel and instrumentation. precise test power supply - power supply for low energy control systems