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Power Integrations Giveaway: Win a RDK-877 Reference Design Kit, Presented by Mouser Electronics

In partnership with Mouser Electronics

Power Integrations RDK-877 Reference Design Kit is an isolated flyback converter power supply designed to provide a nominal output voltage of 12V at 0.5A load. The RDK-877 kit operates from a wide input voltage range of 90VAC to 305VAC with an isolated zero-crossing detection (ZCD) signal. The LinkSwitch-TNZ IC controller powers the 6W power supply. The Power Integrations RDK-877 Reference Design Kit is intended for home appliance and industrial power applications.


  • Meets all existing and proposed energy efficiency standards including ErP
  • No-load consumption <30mW across AC line
  • More than 350mW available in stand-by while meeting 500mW max input power
  • Active mode efficiency meets DOE6 and EC CoC (v5)
  • Highly integrated solution with LNK3306D
  • Low-component count with integrated 725V power MOSFET, current sensing, and protection
  • Wide-range AC input
  • Isolated Zero-crossing signal output synchronized to AC line
  • >80% full-load efficiency at nominal lines
  • Meets EN550022 and CISPR-22 Class B conducted EMI

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  • A
    ascorptechnoart November 08, 2021

    I want to integrate this PSU in Home Automation (IoT) Devices (Smart Plug, Smart Switches, Smart Sensors) due to low standby consumption and wide input voltage.

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  • S
    Swathi154 November 30, 2021

    Power Integrations RDK-877 Reference Design Kit is having a salient features which can be used in various electronic systems like printers, routers, audio visual sets, Tim machines, lighting systems, IoT devices, etc.  to power supply or to charge the rechargeable appliances. This kit has flyback conversion, Zero-crossing signal output, No-load consumption etc features which leads more advantages power supply kit. It will be good chance to test it’s performance on various devices and may be helpful to incorporate in our telecom design system if its size is enough.

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