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Renesas Quick-Connect IoT Design Challenge

In partnership with Renesas

Show us what you can build with the Renesas Quick-Connect IoT design challenge!

Quick-Connect is an easy-to-use hardware and software platform that combines pluggable hardware modules with integrated software building blocks. This reduces your development time by eliminating any hardware incompatibilities by using industry standard ecosystem headers like Pmod, Arduino and Mikrobus. It also accelerates your software development effort by providing all the necessary driver and middleware components to integrate into your application. Simply select the sensor from a drop-down list in the IDE, provide some basic information for the software block like the UART baud rate, and auto-generate all the base layer code. Spend less time working on glue code and generic drivers. Focus on your application development!

To participate, check out the list of MCU, connectivity and sensor options available below as part of the Quick-Connect IoT system. Noodle on what you can create with the hardware and submit your ideas for a chance to win! If selected, we will deliver a custom hardware kit to make your idea a reality! Once you've created your solution, send us a video of it in action.

MCU Boards

  • EK-RA6M4   
  • EK-RA4M3 
  • FPB-RA2E2 
  • EK-RA2L1  


  • US082-13-DA7280EVZ    PMOD Daughter Card for DA7280 Haptic Driver
  • US082-FS2012EVZ         PMOD Daughter Card for FS2012 Mass Air Flow Sensor
  • US082-HS3001EVZ         PMOD Daughter Card for HS3001 Flow Sensor
  • US082-OB1203EVZ         PMOD Daughter Card for OB1203 PPG Sensor
  • US082-ZMOD4410EVZ    PMOD Daughter Card for ZMOD4410 Indoor Air Quality
  • US082-ZMOD4450EVZ    PMOD Daughter Card for ZMOD4450 Outdoor Air Quality
  • US082-ZMOD4510EVZ    PMOD Daughter Card for ZMOD4510 Refrigerator Air Quality
  • US082-FS1015EVZ         PMOD Daughter Card for FS1015 Air Velocity Sensor
  • US082-FS3000EVZ         PMOD Daughter Card for FS3000 Air Velocity Sensor
  • US159-DA14531EVZ      PMOD Daughter Card for DA14531 Bluetooth LE Module
  • US159-DA16200MEVZ   PMOD Daughter Card for DA16200 Wi-Fi Module
  • US159-DA16600EVZ    PMOD Daughter Card for DA16600 Bluetooth LE & Wi-Fi Combo Module

Design Resources 

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  • B
    bmiseBUCK July 20, 2022

    Traffic Tunnel Sensor Hub for prolonged warranties against gases, using ZMOD4510EVZ

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  • M
    mahmood63 July 20, 2022

    Remote sprinkler controller that gets rain information from internet for smart irrigation

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  • P
    pleasecho July 20, 2022

    Device in coin op washers and dryers that would alert via phone when the load was done

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