Meet quality and precision device standards with the ideal tool for troubleshooting embedded designs, the R&S®RTB2000 oscilloscope from Rohde & Schwarz. Using "Power of Ten" features (10-bit, ADC, 10 Msample memory and a 10.1” touchscreen), debugging any kind of electronic system is easy and efficient. Participate in our partnered giveaway with Rohde & Schwarz for a chance to test out the “Power of Ten” oscilloscope first hand!


R&S®RTB2000 Features

  • 10-bit vertical resolution
  • 10 Msample standard and 20 Msample interleaved
  • 1 mV/div: full measurement bandwidth with low noise
  • Segmented memory: 160 Msample with history function
  • Maintain fast sampling rates at all times
  • 1-.1” high-resolution capacitive touch display
  • X-n-1 integration which saves space and cost


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102 Ideas

  • edwinrodrigues 2019-04-16

    Looking at making a car OBD2 port reader.

    • Aerogrudge 2019-05-04

      How hard would it be to implement a obd1 data reader with an obd 2 connector port. I have a 94 Buick built during the crossover period I can’t read with any normal code reader. It’s been a pain.

      • Michael.lanovara 2019-05-17

        Depending on your OBD1 communication protocols, just buy a J1969 connector and make your pinout as necessary, your obd2 scan tool typically will read obd1 protocols. the obd2 connector (j1969) was only implemented for national emission standards and testing.

    • SamplesperSecond 2019-05-17

      The OBD2 reader for older vehicles prior to 2004 corvette, is basically class 2 serial data in cavity #2. I rises from 0 volt to 7 volts and thousand of line of codes are required to read / decode the signals. With multiple modules, class 2, it sends “State-Of-Health” messages to each module on the network every two seconds. Actual information is sent to all modules or nodes with and address first, followed by the message. Serious message cause the network to stop to allow serious “React Now” messages then when done, the other messages start where they left off. Upon starting, the network sends the “VIN” number to all nodes to wake them up. The electronic hand-shake allows each node to start communication. Newer vehicles have high speed CAN networks to allow near real time info to be shared, but follows general protocol. If one is designated a “Master” it is in charge of all signals and state-of-health. If a node does not reply to “SOH”, it will try 3 more times, the flag that modules failure. A capture of all data occurs, depending on “Type-of-Code”, will turn on check engine light or during second failure, then the “CEL” come on. After start, the PCM has to check each sensor, solenoid, actuator and takes up to 3-4 minutes. It uses resistance, voltage drop, presence of signal or during clock time, some sensors are checked at road speed, engine at temp, then opens EVAP purge, or EGR and others that create a change that can be measure and it fails, then it is flagged. EGR opens at road speed W/warm engine, displaces oxygen in the cylinders, that causes rich signal from O2 sensors, if it does not change, the EGR code is set. So, basically, there is a lot going on the class 2 network. Most “Code” readers are copies of manufactures scan-tool code that requires close to 12mb of code. The 32 meg card in the TECH2, leave room for downloads to wipe out a module, then re-learn it with corrected code or fill code into a new module. The legal method is to purchase the code you need from the vehicles manufacture. This is where all of the code is too expensive, so “Body”, Chassis” and others, are left out. However, there is a lot of illegal copies of code companies use to create their code reader, but with limited capabilities. Best of luck. ASE Master Tech since 1978 / Retired.

  • Burt L. 2019-04-18

    Switching power supplies are beginning to fail in epic proportions.  I would like to design a few
    simple tools to help diagnose these types of units.  Electrolytic capacitors commonly fail which is
    an easy fix but many have more challenging problems that need to be addressed.

  • L. Johnson 2019-04-19

    Designing a cool shaped Arduino shield with onboard sensors, leds, motors, and the Atmega328P for standalone applications. This project is geared toward kids K-4th in STEM programs & makers of all ages.

  • Richard Blessing 2019-04-20

    Game on atmel

  • penright 2019-04-22

    Mostly building IOT sensors for home automation.

  • alsamarray 2019-04-23

    working on metal detector.

  • Thomss Dloegatsj 2019-04-23

    open up the CAN bus for the recreation boats,
    create develop and design equipment for (sailing) yachts

  • srpsco 2019-04-23

    Help visualize signals (like IR)  for my makerspace students as they say a picture is worth a thousand words - especially since most of my students 10-16 yrs old.

  • lesaf61 2019-04-23

    I gavé a project for home thermostat that auto a juste hits self acording to température out side, Aldo world love to cet in To robotisé. I thon huis oscilloscope world ne a réal game changer for me

  • no1pc 2019-04-23

    More topics from basic RF to application specifics.

  • gordonmx 2019-04-23

    A parameter measurement recorder for a bicycle

  • AgilePhil 2019-04-24

    Making a GPS measuring system.

  • Matthias66 2019-04-24

    developing a personal security and health System based on smart watches / health detectors

  • danadak 2019-04-24

    Helping Engineers and Technicians and others at AAC do embedded designs on multiple applications.
    IOT, Consumer, Industrial, Largely based on Mixed Signal processors (PSOC) and low end Atmel. In
    need of a better state of the art Oscilloscope to present solutions and understanding of design options
    and recommendations. FFT performance key along with advanced triggering.

  • TomCostanza 2019-04-24

    Looking forward to designing a curve tracer for vacuum tubes.

    • StephenYoung 2019-05-11

      Ooooh, please release the design publicly once you’re done, using your new scope!  Good luck!

  • kfonda 2019-04-25

    I currently have a very old analog scope at home. It’s a Leader LBO-505 analog 15 MHz dual channel scope that is really on it last legs. I really need a newer digital scope .

  • vanderghast 2019-04-26

    Right now, I am still puzzled with a signal propagation which appears going faster than what it should. Maybe the extra two channels of that scope could help a bit, … or 10 bits.

  • Dewayne Rogers 2019-04-26

    Adaptive toys/devices for my special needs daughter such as location monitoring or door alarms. Network of small AI enabled cameras to monitor farm perimeter for predators/intruders.

  • ramjdmcmm 2019-04-26

    I have the same issue as Burt L. Many of the switching power supplies we use are failing under circumstances they shouldn’t. The ability test the subsection of these units would be great.

  • Imacman21 2019-04-26

    An all in one controller / interface for combining, CNC routing +  Laser cutting engraving + 3D Printing, my design will allow makers to easily access and control several CNC platforms in their maker hobby shop.

  • kizmit99 2019-04-26

    Implement a modern equivalent of legacy hardware systems using a combination of FPGAs, uControllers and other modern peripheral parts.

  • hthalljr 2019-04-26

    Checking my ham radio equipment for spurious emissions.

  • eascott 2019-04-26

    Creating a comprehensive, mobile, pocket-sized, frequency logging tool. Ideally this device will cover audio up to but not including radar.

  • smiler 2019-04-26

    My prototype IMU for general aviation is designed to detect an incipient stall/spin condition using low cost automotive grade sensors. Considerable lab/flight testing is required to avoid the undesired responses of these components. This project uses a different approach from others which have the same goal in order to minimize cost. This is a high priority within the aviation community; too many lives are still being lost due to accidents of this nature.

  • vttroy 2019-04-26

    Multicell battery balancer that charges cell-by-cell

  • PaulMRB 2019-04-26

    Working on a remote device to monitor V & I on mobile solar systems.

  • Alpinejwh 2019-04-26

    During my spare time as electronics hobbyists, Maker, Enthusiasts to study and work on repairs electronics. I’m deaf and retired from HVAC as well as sheet metal worker union. I have two older oscilloscope Tektronix 2235 100Mhz and HP.  Other test meters I build from kits. I’m not an engineer of any kind. However, I’ll need a better oscilloscope to help me better understand of digital than comparing of analog during testing. I also enjoyed watching and educational from EEVBLOG from YouTube as well few others that do electronics. So I’m looking forward any ideas to build electronics. Like the one to build flashing LED lights security for deaf and hearing impaired. I also enjoyed All About Circuits to studies all kind of work.

  • igeorge 2019-04-26

    I developed an WiFi thermostat used by a VFC (vertical fan coil) builder in Toronto.
    My next step is to make a remote for it. In Canada, most thermostat are installed on the main floor. The upper level rooms or the basement are hot or cold. My goal is to make a remote with color screen and take it with me in the bedroom when i go to sleep. In this way, the room temperature will be as i wish. When i come back to main room, the control go back to main thermostat, but if i move out from the room, the control is the remote thermostat.

  • OldAnalogGuy 2019-04-26

    Working on a self-sustaining oscillator.

  • N5KS 2019-04-26

    Applying the home automation paradigm to my amateur radio hobby.

  • George Sackinger 2019-04-26

    Solar Panels come in all sizes and shapes. I wish to create a simple DC to DC converter using high frequency that does not have to be tuned for input voltage. The converter would output even in weak Sun.  Efficiency would need to be high as 95%+ and the size would be easily incorporated in small solar projects.  The oscilloscope would help me tune the switching of the mosfets.

  • Brett Peterson 2019-04-26

    Currently working on building DC-DC switching voltage regulators and, as a side project, a 1/8 scale RC version of a car that I’ve been designing on and off for 30+ years.  Designing and 3D printing various enclosures for my projects because if my prototypes are boring at least they should look good.  As such, building a better 3D printer is in the back of my mind.

  • gaspode42 2019-04-26

    Development of IoT meteorology sensor network with connectivity via town wide LoRa network.

  • rwalker697 2019-04-27

    My two grandsons are both interested in electronics and I do what I can to assist them,  Their even designing and building simple circuit boards mostly with discrete components. They will be entering high school next year and plan to become Electronics Engineers. They want to go into space and travel to other galaxies, I tell them they can do anything they set their minds to. They make me proud. They could use an Oscope

  • mekanixx 2019-04-27

    Developing and building new sensors for 3D Printers, CNC, etc.

  • vanhornj 2019-04-27

    Working on teaching myself more about component level electronics so I can do my part to keep equipment out of landfills. I just can’t afford an oscilloscope!

  • astee529 2019-04-27

    I’d like to use it as a tool to learn more about electrical engineering in general. I am a student in the electrical engineering program at my university and realize how helpful it can be to have an oscilloscope in a lab setting.

  • Chefmike66 2019-04-27

    Microcontroller applications, mostly replacing control systems in failed consumer electronics, such as electric smokers, dishwashers, washing machines, etc. in order to avoid continuously replacing expensive replacement boards, which are destined to fail again anyway.

  • What a great thing…Im falling in love with oscis..

  • jhannon 2019-04-29

    Designing a smart auto battery monitor.

  • James.b 2019-04-30

    Improvement on stealth & cloaking in are military. Drones no humans on battlefields. Space traveling.

  • jlafond 2019-04-30

    robust navigation utilizing e-Loran technology

  • kylerdank 2019-05-01

    I am designing drones and other rc toys.also gold mining equipment WITH SECURITY systems for mine site. Need to figure out power controls and power banks.

  • Harshilpatel847 2019-05-02

    Designing a capacitive touch sensor that can work through at least 5mm of glass.

  • amatyckas 2019-05-02

    Developing remote IoT sensors that will based on mesh networks via WIFi and cellular end points.

  • mstoer 2019-05-02

    Design and build a motion tracking sensor system for racket based and similar sports using 6 axis sensors (accelerometers and possibly gyros.

    • Stephen Young 2019-05-18

      And any way you slice it, golf also comes to mind as a sport where newcomers could use your device…

  • Willen 2019-05-03

    RF communication

  • AdamHI 2019-05-03

    Reading “old tech” engine instrumentation signals on my sailboat, reverse engineering them, and converting them to modern “open” digital data structures.

  • AdamHI 2019-05-03

    Reading “old tech” engine instrumentation signals on my sailboat, reverse engineering them, and converting them to modern “open” digital data structures.

  • rdlongview 2019-05-03

    Play and learn more precisely, (saving a lot of time) finding viable low power charging scenarios for personal devices.

  • ungadri 2019-05-03

    to develop a system that helps with the response linearization of a loudspeaker regardless of the speakers used inside or the speaker box characteristics.

  • SxyWood 2019-05-03

    I want free stuff. I buy usually the cheapest tools that get what I need done. This scope is way overkill, but would look sexy as hell on my workbench. Definitely a bench diva in my shop.

  • JimboSA 2019-05-03

    I’m a novice just getting into electronics. I would us this gift to help rebuild vintage stereo amplifiers and receivers. This would help me identify clipping and whether substituted parts behave correctly in the system. Thanks.

  • Donegan 2019-05-03

    Design/Build an updated Optacon reader for blind people

  • Donegan 2019-05-03

    Design and build an updated Optacon reader for the blind

  • Dave Walker 2019-05-03

    I’m just a student - Basic Electronics online course. As I am a musician, my goal is to get into building and repairing guitars, amplifiers and PA equipment. Most of the ideas I read here are WAAAYYY over my head - but also unnecessary for what I want to do. So, I really don’t know what I would use the oscilloscope for. But, 6 lessons from now, I will find out.

  • curious777 2019-05-03

    Develop tools to teach in a much better way the fundamentals of antenna modeling, Smith Chart modeling plus high frequency propagation predictions to reach a wider audience of electronic enthusiasts.

    • NFLOR12 2019-05-15

      that would be very interesting!  Just finished a course in my undergrad EE work for Electromagnetics, boy are Smith charts useful!

  • rezjonny 2019-05-03

    Rule the world

    • StephenYoung 2019-05-11

      An endearing goal, but maybe beyond the scope of this contest? wink  good luck!

  • lesaf61 2019-05-03

    I an working on a metal détacher for underwater use. Aldo have a projet of a ROV.

    • StephenYoung 2019-05-11

      A scope will come very handy once you decide to use the power umbilical as a carrier for the control and video signals as well, along with the thruster noise wink  Good luck!

  • Kjohnstone 2019-05-03

    Designing test equipment and ham radios.

  • pa4ton 2019-05-04

    Failure to prepare you is your failure.

  • 6621_10232835 2019-05-04

    Building 3D printed wideband 2Ghz - 40 Ghz Horn Antennas and I need to analyse the signal frequency to see how my design, surface smoothing, and conductive coatings are doing. I am doing this to make a low cost but effective product, and the proceeds are going to help me retire from being a paramedic, and go to medicals school. I have the Printer (FlashForge Adventurer 3; MG chemicals silver paint; and solvents. I just need to build a chamber and have access to an R&S RTB2000 Oscilloscope to help me do this. Nothing would be more beneficial for me right now. Fingers Crossed!

  • miltclayton 2019-05-05

    measuring timing of pulses on spot welder using old tek 465 on last leg..would be great to have digital scope to make life much easier smile Learning to use digital scope would be welcome experience.

  • Lariat 2019-05-06

    Creating open source test systems

  • mstfozkan 2019-05-08

    I tried to make an oscilloscope but i cant finish it so this can be mine

  • root01 2019-05-09

    Would be nice to replace my old oscilloscope so i can better test and see Defibrilator pacer pulses so i can more accurately measure current of an impulse and pulse rate raspberry

  • robindustygravz 2019-05-10

    To properly explore Stanley Meyers’ water burning engine techniques, which use FREQENCY to vibrate the Oxygen and Hydrogen atoms apart, a very detailed oscilloscope output is needed.

  • StephenYoung 2019-05-11

    I require a more versatile scope than my old analog unit to revive my enthusiasm in time to take full advantage of all that wonderful new digital microcontroller board cornucopia offered out there.  No more stockpiling, let me start using!  First, a good Gamma radiation based random number generator…  Then some RF encription development…

  • Jake420 2019-05-11

    Smart panels… solar panels that are self contained and self controlled…

  • Brainfreez77 2019-05-12

    I got into electronics in the late 80’s. So much has changed but is w

    I have been into electronics since the late 80’s. Combining new battery technology and
    efficient solar charging arrays with IOT automation would be a benefit to mankind. I would like to work towards a self-sustaining automated greenhouse at almost every step from germination to harvest.

  • RSWinner 2019-05-13

    1) Implement a system using sensors to track animals pooping in my lawn, notify me when the animal is in the yard.  Record a history of animal movement entering/leaving the yard.  2) Work with FIRST Robotics FRC teams during build season to check the sensors and what the software is really doing to the hardware.

  • NFLOR12 2019-05-15

    diagnosing CubeSat power distribution system issues

  • Forbiddenera 2019-05-17

    No way to enter address for poster?

  • AHLONNAE 2019-05-17

    A Robust Robot Security System for private property!

  • SamplesperSecond 2019-05-17

    Auto’s since 1990, Ford first, working with CARB, developed On-Board-Diagnostics that has bloomed into OBD-2. With UART in cavity #1 if used, Class 2 in cavity #2 and high speed on cavities 14 & 6. Teaching and sharing with working techs to be comfortable with this kind of equipment and what they own as well, show them what they are seeing and how to use it to find the root cause of problems. Those how wish to learn ask good questions and makes me a better instructor but rising to the occasion to answer and pass this procedure and information they can find is very rewarding. It’s passing your knowledge to others that can go into the world and be better at what they do. Growing the base and numbers of techs is completing and continuing the craft. What can more rewarding than that…when you hear techs say, I never thought of that! Thanks.

  • adamfk 2019-05-17

    I would have loved to have had this when creating an NTSC black and white video generator. I could get even fields or odd fields working well, but I got bad flickering when combining them. It was all had coded assembly for an ATTINY85.

    Right now, I would use it for debugging high speed hall effect circuits.

  • stevebj.ee 2019-05-18

    A home security system that uses standard wired and wireless sensors (i.e. Interlogix @ 319.5MHz) and a distributed set of panels that provide simple door chime and 16x2 LCD information using only wireless. (I actually have this al prototyped at this point)  I just need to create a nice looking enclosure.

    Then I’m creating my software to learn patterns (basic AI) and automate the alerting (or not alerting).

    • stevebj.ee 2019-05-18

      Oh - alerting is via SMTP and SMS to whatever mobile phone(s) I specify.  So no additional costs for monitoring purposes.

  • jssoedirgo 2019-05-18

    If I won, I would learn more about guitar pedals and use that knowledge to help create my own.

  • Aramis 2019-05-19

    Building my own circuits for teaching local kids.

  • ASAD ALI_1513399340 2019-05-19

    Always wanted one for RF testing in my lab.

  • karthick123 2019-05-26

    Title: Smart Laboratory Device.
    Importance of Oscilloscope: Oscilloscope is a device used commonly to display and analysis the waveforms of a electrical signal as a function of time. In Signal generator, Filters, Oscillators, Communication signals, PWM, RADAR signal the waveforms characteristics the input and output signals. The waveforms are useful to identify the exactness of the circuitory. A high precision data logging sense the designed circuit importance,  as in many cases exact signal for transmission or receive are analysis for noise detection.

    Rohde & Schwarz Oscilloscope as laboratory device: A smart oscilloscope will be more suitable for the students laboratories, Engineers workstation to analyse the signals with an ease. Rohde & Schwarz RTB 2000 oscilloscope seems to be smart in its functionality with its “Power of Ten” features. 

    RTB 2000 Importance over existing Digital Oscilloscope:
    Sometimes it is difficult to project exact signal on display with its tuning knobs when the signal is complex. If the screen is touch sense like Smartphone screen it can Zoom the signal to a particular point of interest. RTB 2000 has 10 bit ADC to precisely trace the signal and record the signal in 10M sample and save in memory. This oscilloscope has USB connectivity to interface to laptop or PC to monitor in GUI software to record the data and visualisation for future analysis.

    Project outcome:
    In my opinion RTB 2000 can be useful for students laboratory experiments to traceout the signal waveforms in RC oscillator, Active Filters, Hysteresis loop for magnetic materials, lissajous figures, 555 timer duty cycles, Amplitude modulated signals, PWM, Spectrum, impulse of signals in communications, etc. It will be the best oscilloscope for the college students to learn effectively by signal tracing with advanced tools and software instruments like RTB 2000.

    Project Conclusion:
    I hope this Oscilloscope is useful for college students in their laboratory, in design workstations for engineers, at repairs and maintenance for technicians, signal processing room for researchers in laboratories.

    If I am the winner of this giveaway contest I would like to showcase importance of RTB 2000 in complex signal to noise detection in my communication laboratory. The touch display gives the exact zooming of the signal to a specific features helps in understanding the lab e1xperiments effectively.

  • Helmholtz 2019-05-31

    Investigating signal integrity in conduit communication for carbon dioxide sequestration applications in sedimentary basins with hostile environments

  • Stephen Young 2019-06-07

    so, who won?

  • kurtprovidence 2019-06-26

    I am working on an automated system of pH and moisture sensors for a large greenhouse.  These sensors, once built, installed and networked, will provide data from each planter twice per day.

  • chbwnc 2019-06-27

    wireless sensors for automation, smart home ant IoT

  • 90TbirdSC 2019-06-29

    Looking to build a a universal OBD2 programmer for all vehicles 1996-up

  • Helmholtz 2019-06-29

    Ah, a chance to elaborate on my idea above.

    The process of carbon dioxide injection in sedimentary rock is made difficult by corruption of signals between sensors downhole (a couple of miles or so) and monitoring equipment at surface. Some sources of problems are different physical conditions and stress regimes of the rock at depths and interaction between pipe (transport conduit) and transported fluid. Solutions might be found in superior selection of hardware; conduit surface coatings—-inside and out—-; customization of fluid additives regarding chemistry, surface energies, conductance, nanoparticle composition and effect on carbon dioxide’s tendency toward a phase (solid, gas) in the pipe as well as in the rock; better control of transient states of mechanical equipment; improved selection of hardware and better control and so many other factors.

    I could use an improvement over my old beat up flea market Tek210 when playing with models—-I might be able to afford something if I quit my coffee addiction, but then I wouldn’t get much done and so wouldn’t need one now would I?—-but the real benefit to posting here is that you bunch of genius nerds will have my babblings rolling around in the back of your heads. Maybe we’ll all get rich together. Maybe we’ll do some good for the world.

  • BobMarley 2019-06-30

    this oscilloscope will help me to build a space ship with which i will find planets similar to the earth

  • Helmholtz 2019-07-01

    Am I understanding correctly that the mixed signal functions are an option one must add? If so does anyone know how that works?