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Meet quality and precision device standards with the ideal tool for troubleshooting embedded designs, the R&S®RTB2000 oscilloscope from Rohde & Schwarz. Using "Power of Ten" features (10-bit, ADC, 10 Msample memory and a 10.1” touchscreen), debugging any kind of electronic system is easy and efficient. Participate in our partnered giveaway with Rohde & Schwarz for a chance to test out the “Power of Ten” oscilloscope first hand!


R&S®RTB2000 Features

  • 10-bit vertical resolution
  • 10 Msample standard and 20 Msample interleaved
  • 1 mV/div: full measurement bandwidth with low noise
  • Segmented memory: 160 Msample with history function
  • Maintain fast sampling rates at all times
  • 1-.1” high-resolution capacitive touch display
  • X-n-1 integration which saves space and cost


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12 Ideas

  • edwinrodrigues 2019-04-16

    Looking at making a car OBD2 port reader.

  • Burt L. 2019-04-18

    Switching power supplies are beginning to fail in epic proportions.  I would like to design a few
    simple tools to help diagnose these types of units.  Electrolytic capacitors commonly fail which is
    an easy fix but many have more challenging problems that need to be addressed.

  • L. Johnson 2019-04-19

    Designing a cool shaped Arduino shield with onboard sensors, leds, motors, and the Atmega328P for standalone applications. This project is geared toward kids K-4th in STEM programs & makers of all ages.

  • Richard Blessing 2019-04-20

    Game on atmel

  • penright 2019-04-22

    Mostly building IOT sensors for home automation.

  • alsamarray 2019-04-23

    working on metal detector.

  • Thomss Dloegatsj 2019-04-23

    open up the CAN bus for the recreation boats,
    create develop and design equipment for (sailing) yachts

  • srpsco 2019-04-23

    Help visualize signals (like IR)  for my makerspace students as they say a picture is worth a thousand words - especially since most of my students 10-16 yrs old.

  • lesaf61 2019-04-23

    I gavé a project for home thermostat that auto a juste hits self acording to température out side, Aldo world love to cet in To robotisé. I thon huis oscilloscope world ne a réal game changer for me

  • no1pc 2019-04-23

    More topics from basic RF to application specifics.

  • gordonmx 2019-04-23

    A parameter measurement recorder for a bicycle

  • AgilePhil 2019-04-24

    Making a GPS measuring system.