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Meet quality and precision device standards with the ideal tool for troubleshooting embedded designs, the R&S®RTB2000 oscilloscope from Rohde & Schwarz. Using "Power of Ten" features (10-bit, ADC, 10 Msample memory and a 10.1” touchscreen), debugging any kind of electronic system is easy and efficient. Participate in our partnered giveaway with Rohde & Schwarz for a chance to test out the “Power of Ten” oscilloscope first hand!


R&S®RTB2000 Features

  • 10-bit vertical resolution
  • 10 Msample standard and 20 Msample interleaved
  • 1 mV/div: full measurement bandwidth with low noise
  • Segmented memory: 160 Msample with history function
  • Maintain fast sampling rates at all times
  • 1-.1” high-resolution capacitive touch display
  • X-n-1 integration which saves space and cost


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  • E
    edwinrodrigues April 16, 2019

    Looking at making a car OBD2 port reader.

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    • Aerogrudge May 04, 2019
      How hard would it be to implement a obd1 data reader with an obd 2 connector port. I have a 94 Buick built during the crossover period I can't read with any normal code reader. It's been a pain.
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      • M
        Michael.lanovara May 17, 2019
        Depending on your OBD1 communication protocols, just buy a J1969 connector and make your pinout as necessary, your obd2 scan tool typically will read obd1 protocols. the obd2 connector (j1969) was only implemented for national emission standards and testing.
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