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The onsemi AR0830 Hyperlux™ Image Sensor features 8.3 MP, a rolling shutter readout, and superior capabilities. This product is a Back-Side Illuminated (BSI) Stacked CMOS digital image sensor sporting a 1/2.9−inch form factor and a generous 3840 x 2160 active-pixel array.

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• Lowest Power Consumption among Comparable Offerings in the Industry

• Enhanced NIR Response in 850nm & 940nm Wavelength

• Wake on Motion (WOM)

• Multiple Subsampling Modes - Binning, summing, Skipping, Windowing

• Multiple Functional Modes - Global Reset Release (GRR), Trigger, Context Switching

• Enhanced Dynamic Range (eDR) & Line Interleaved HDR (LI-HDR) Modes

End Products

• Videoconferencing Endpoints

• Webcam

• Video Doorbells

• AR/VR/XR Headsets

• Machine Vision Cameras

• Retail In-store Cameras

• Facial Recognition Systems

• Bodycams


• Smart Access

• Virtual & Augmented Reality

• Machine Vision

• Retail Analytics

• Biometrics

• Wearables

onsemi Hyperlux™ Image Sensor Family

onsemi's Hyperlux LP image sensor family is ideally suited for industrial and commercial cameras such as smart doorbells, security cameras, AR/VR/XR headsets, machine vision and video conferencing.

These 1.4 µm pixel sensors deliver industry-leading image quality and low power consumption while maximizing performance to capture crisp, vibrant images even in difficult lighting conditions. The product family also features a stacked architecture design that minimizes its footprint and at its smallest approaches the size of a grain of rice, making it ideal for devices where size is critical.

With the image sensors, cameras can deliver clearer images and more accurate object detection even in harsh weather and lighting conditions. Additionally, these cameras are often placed in locations that can be difficult to access to replace or recharge batteries, making low power consumption a critical feature.

The Hyperlux LP family is packed with features and proprietary technologies that optimize performance and resolution including:

• Wake on Motion – Enables the sensors to operate in a low-power mode that draws a fraction of the power needed in the full-performance mode. Once the sensor detects movement, it moves to a higher performance state in less time than it takes to snap a photo.

• Smart ROI – Delivers more than one region of interest (ROI) to give a context view of the scene at reduced bandwidth and a separate ROI in original detail.

• Near-Infrared (NIR) Performance – Delivers superior image quality due to the innovative silicon design and pixel architecture, with minimal supplemental lighting.

• Low Power – Reduces thermal noise which negatively impacts image quality and eliminates the need for heat sinks, reducing the overall cost of the vision system.

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    Lucky90 June 16, 2024

    Useful sensor to use in machine vision devices.

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    Praveen112 June 16, 2024

    Instead of mechanical touch this sensor is suitable for motion detection.

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  • Omar.Khaled June 16, 2024

    I am studying information engineering and really hope I win this as this is a deep interest of mine!

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