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Winner Announced

Winners Announced…Thunderboard Sense Kit Giveaway

In partnership with Silicon Labs

Congratulations to our winners!

Congratulations to our winners!
Mike Harris, Vincent A Lemus, Shane McGuire, and Chris Snow.


AAC is partnering with Silicon Labs to give away 4 Thunderboard Sense Kits to help with your next design. Each winner will also receive one randomly selected prize of the following: Ecobee3, Nest Learning Thermostat, NanoLeaf – Aurora Smarter Kit, Philips Hue.

Take a look at the information below and don’t forget to enter the contest. 

About Thunderboard Sense

Thunderboard Sense is a small and feature packed development platform for battery operated IoT applications. The mobile app enables a quick proof of concept of cloud-connected sensors. The multi-protocol radio combined with a broad selection of onboard sensors, make the Thunderboard Sense an excellent platform to develop and prototype a wide range of battery-powered IoT applications.

More information on getting started with Thunderboard Sense is available on

Thunderboard Sense Features: 

Wireless Gecko EFR32™

  • Sub-GHz to 2.4 GHz wireless SoC
  • Multi-protocol radio
  • ARM® Cortex® M4 core with 32 kB RAM and 256 kB Flash
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Flexible MCU peripheral interfaces

Kit Features

  • Segger J-Link Integrated Debugger
  • USB CDC virtual serial port
  • 8 Mbit SPI ultra low power NOR flash for local storage

Mobile app

  • Mobile app for Android and iOS 
  • iOS app implemented in swift
  • Android app implanted in native code
  • Source code available at GitHub

Mobile app features

  • Beacon notifications 
  • View sensor data
  • Control LEDs and detect button pushes
  • Stream sensor data to the cloud

Cloud streaming

  • Data is stored in Firebase
  • Web frontend is implemented in ReactJS
    • Using Alt.js as the flux implementation
    • D3.js for data driven charts
  • All source code available

Sensors, I/O, and Misc. Control

  • Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor Si7021
  • UV and Ambient Light Sensor Si1133 
  • Pressure Sensor BMP280
  • Indoor Air Quality and Gas Sensor CCS811
  • 6-axis Inertial Sensor ICM-20648
  • MEMS Microphone SPV1840
  • High brightness LEDs
  • Hall-effect Sensor (coming soon!)

Giveaway already ended 867 days ago.

  • Shanem21 June 04, 2017

    A weather station closest to home.

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  • gusa June 04, 2017

    Adding a external sdcard and a loud speaker could be the brain for a small biped robot. It could be used as a voice assistance system in a biped robot hardware.

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  • Medrolet June 05, 2017

    Digital wind chime.

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  • WTH June 05, 2017

    Add to my weather station project.

    Replace the Electric Imp on my tweeting car door.

    Full featured bike computer.

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  • Bernard Bautista June 05, 2017

    This is a fully-featured sensor kit! I can implement this with my backyard mushroom farm as climate control system. Temperature, humidity, ambient light and indoor air quality sensors are very useful to monitor and maintain profitable conditions for oyster mushroom production.

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  • Gamecat June 05, 2017

    Automated greenhouse. Dh11, water pump, moisture sensor, atomiser, led lights, camera.

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  • dtvp June 05, 2017

    A moving air quality station which syncs to your smartphone and samples the air quality and other parameter on your commute whether you are a biker or a motorcyclist.

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  • Ken Mercer June 05, 2017

    Wheelchair controller for tetraplegic people

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  • Petrus_ufpe June 05, 2017

    We are interested in produce a cloud database using thunderboard Sense as a personal IoT device informing the UV exposition in workplaces for each work cathegory using workers using the device.

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  • divbansal June 05, 2017

    Developing a long pipes inside-checking robots with the MCU integrated with the Sensor board provided by you.

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  • devinmcelheran June 06, 2017

    I don’t know what I would make with it, but I’m sure I would learn a lot just tinkering with it.

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  • Well why not a noise pollution station with weather station and air monitor capabilities

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  • ramosjos321 June 08, 2017

    Develop an electronic nose system with 8 Taguchi sensors.

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  • CBonee June 08, 2017

    Automatic and monitored greenhouse

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  • bigwilley June 08, 2017

    Home Attic weather sensor.  Should be fun!

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  • Barnys June 09, 2017

    I am not sure what I would make with it, but, like all things, once I have one I will find a use for it.

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  • tevfik June 12, 2017

    plant monitoring with an external capacitve probe.

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  • Peter Roy June 12, 2017

    this would help me automate the issuing the driving license procedure. A driver in the test would navigate through test road patterns which have position sensors all along.without discrimination or corruption, the license issued to the driver would be authentic.the system would print test passed or failed.

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  • isobob21 June 13, 2017

    An IOT network of environmental / weather monitoring stations using all the Thunderboard sensors and more, combined with local footfall sensing, human and wildlife

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  • yonaguska June 13, 2017

    Coupled with LoRa communications system to provide remote environmental measurements. Also have the remote unit capable of generating visual and aural alarms to drive away predators.

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  • Abhishek sharma 6 June 13, 2017

    It can be used to optimize indoor farming such as Aeroponics , Thunderboard sense can make it low cost and efficient as we get different sensors with cloud streaming ability enabling us to measure temperature ,humidity ,air quality ,amount of light ,high brightness LEDs can be used as a light source .Also pressure sensor will acknowledge the growth of plant as their weight increases .

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  • ANI SAM VARGHESE June 14, 2017

    I am on process of prototyping a machine learning platform using Google Tensor Flow engine on raspberry pi for sensor fusion. Sensors on board the Thunder-board Sense Kit will be interfaced for data logging on Pi using BLE and will be used for event detection in a room and used for predicting the user habits for energy saving & optimization. Analytics will be used for implementing user feedback on energy wastage . Integrated and low power Thunderboard Sense Kit is ideal for this application.

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  • Mahomed Khomo June 14, 2017

    Great an automated Aeroponic system, control humidity, temperature and light to the required level. add an sdcard to logo data and learn the best growing conditions for each a particular plant of interest

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  • dmtan90 June 15, 2017

    Measure the environment conditions (Light, UV, Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Pressure) in a freight farm.

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  • sumanthbingo June 16, 2017

    Since this kit features so many sensors, wireless and cloud capabilities and also because it is a low power kit, it can be best used for creating a ‘UNIVERSAL IoT NODE’ that can be configured to do anything that the user wants to do. With a good mobile application that it already has, a little bit of tinkering with the UI and other Peripherals can make it easy enough for even a non-tech person to deploy it in any kind of application, limited only by one’s imagination!

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  • DHANA SEKAR 1 June 17, 2017

    I would like to develop a low cost Hand held medical kit for doctor using Thunderboard Sense Kits board as an alternate to costlier equipment.

    We can easily measure the Body temperature of Human by placing the   Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor Si7021 under the arm of human.

    Heart rate and hemoglobin level of Human are easily measure using High brightness LEDs and UV and Ambient Light Sensor Si1133 by configuring as pulse oximeter.

    Pressure Sensor BMP280 can be easily used as blood pressure monitoring .

    Quality of the oxygen is monitored using Indoor Air Quality and Gas Sensor .

    MEMS Microphone SPV1840 will be used as voice assistance for patient who cannot able to move.

    For programming Environment, a user friendly library will be developed, which makes exploring “Medical KIT” fun and easier,without digging deep into the hardware and software involved behind.

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  • AVD June 18, 2017

    We want to build an environment variable sensing unit integrated with small weather station for chemistry laboratory.
    The project aims to provide accurate data about the surroundings like temperature, pressure, humidity, air-quality etc. - required for setup and execution of various experiments. This data will be available on the personal device like Smartphone by means of Bluetooth or other broadcasting options and Beacon notifications.
    Also we want to integrate it with a sensing platform containing Gas Sensor, Temperature Probe, pH Sensor, Conductivity Probe, Voltage Probe etc.
    Our search for the controller board was over as soon as I read about Thunderboard Sense , The board provides all the processing, broadcasting capabilities needed for our project and many sensors are built in. so Thunderboard Sense is an ideal solution for our project not only in hardware capabilities but also in software support and application.

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  • bowenfeng June 18, 2017

    I’ll make a ski tracking device to track every single move you’ve made, the posture you’ve had on the ski slope along with the altitude, the temperature/humidity and the UV levels on your trace.
    The project will equip this Thunderboard Sense Kit on the back of the skier so it will be able to constantly collecting the gesture data via the 6-axis IMU and send it to the phone via Bluetooth. The data will be processed to show when you were skiing faster, where did you make a turn, where did you jump, where did you fall, etc.  It will also collect other data on the trace to give a richer context of what was the environment like during your last trace.
    In addition to this, I’d add an external GPS to match the data to a map. Since everything will be stored in Firebase, the data will be aggregated and visualized on a Google map layer to show the activities and the data of your ski trip.

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    • bowenfeng June 18, 2017
      Oh, and I though in addition to above features, I can also add an auto SOS feature if we sense unusual fall or sharp stop, it can send out SOS messages to the emergency contact. The skier could also click one of the buttons to manually send out SOS message. After sending out the message, the board will enter emergency mode, the RGB led will flash red light continuously to help people find the skier.
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  • mbcetzabin June 18, 2017

    I am going to make a BLE based indoor navigation beacon system along with intelligent multi parameter monitor gateway using the Thunderboard Sense Kit . Custom BLE mesh will be implemented and a fault tolerant embedded system will be designed using the Thunderboard Sense Kit . Intel INTEL JOULE based central node will be implemented and it will do the sensor data fusion algorithm for meaning full information gathering services. A deep neural network based learning system will be prototyped on intel joule & it will complement the measurements done with INTEL realsense camera using the plenty of on-board Thunderboard Sense Kit sensor data. I hope that this ultra low power and cost sensor suite with BLE TAG CAN REPLACE HIGH END HIGH COST SENSOR SYSTEMS AND will provide easy platform for prototyping in a multi-platform environment . Node.js will act act as glue layer for sensor data aggregation and cloud computing.An interactive data visualization is planned to be designed using the Processing environment. Available sample firmware and apps will heavily reduce the prototyping time.If selected to use the kit we hope that we can implement this system prototype in our university campus.

    Eagerly waiting for the results….....

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  • deandlmcs June 21, 2017

    for runnung my pond to moniter pump water level feed fish with set feeding times to txt/email me if a problem arises set redunduntcies for any varibles from the above like if water level drops to much is to stop pump open secondary solinoid for aireater so fish get maxum amount of oxygen still filtering through the system with main pump off line water temp and heater maybe water oxygen sensing all allerts txt/email me with condition then with that info i decide whether my programming will be enough to care for my fish or do i need to shoot home

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  • mookiebud June 21, 2017

    Coupled with an app, cognitive in-home environmental station

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  • Nyarwendo June 22, 2017

    Developing a plc programmed device to cater for irrigating my farm through sensing the need of my crops

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  • OKneip June 22, 2017

    Temperature Sensor

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  • bobybacs June 22, 2017

    IoT sensor for industrial/home automation

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  • mikeeok June 22, 2017

    indoor sensor ZigBee network, collect temperature, humidity and air quality data from several rooms in a building and display them online
    + air quality visualization with RGB leds

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  • AKSHAYIEDC June 23, 2017

    Hi, I am an engineer at atmospheric studies instrumentation division LAB.  As part of atmospheric studies thesis of various PhD students, A imported GPS-Radio sonde ( Radiosonde for atmospheric soundings | Intermet Systems )is being used by students to obtain the atmospheric details.A radiosonde is a battery-powered telemetry instrument package carried into the atmosphere usually by a weather balloon that measures various atmospheric parameters and transmits them by radio to a ground receiver. Modern radiosondes measure or calculate the following variables: altitude, pressure, temperature, relative humidity, wind (both wind speed and wind direction), cosmic ray readings at high altitude and geographical position (latitude/longitude). Radiosondes measuring ozone concentration are known as ozonesondes. A rubber or latex balloon filled with either helium or hydrogen lifts the device up through the atmosphere. The maximum altitude to which the balloon ascends is determined by the diameter and thickness of the balloon.The modern radiosonde communicates via radio with a computer that stores all the variables in real time.Radiosonde data is a crucially important component of numerical weather prediction.

    As part of in-house development of radiosondes due to huge cost of imported foreign radiosondes,  Our team is interested in developing a miniaturized version of the same using Thunderboard Sense Kit Module. So we are applying for this giveaway. Since this our first giveaway program all of our students are excited.

    This Thunderboard Sense Kit is ideal for weather balloon since it has all sensors in an integrated form factor with configurable RF interface in a small form factor with added advantage of low power consumption.

    If selected we will build a real world prototype using Thunderboard Sense Kit   Module and will flight test it in the weather balloon . We will also interface a variety of atmospheric sensors(Analog/Digital) and Telemetry modules with the Thunderboard Sense Kit Module and test its performance . Also microSD based data logging will be implemented along with GPS time stamping. Thus recovery of payload is possible after the balloon burst.

    So waiting patiently for the results

    with HOPE,
    Atmospheric Division Students and Staff

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  • Ipv1 June 23, 2017

    IoT baby monitor with motion and noise analysis during sleep to understand patterns in disruptions if sleep cycles.

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  • sparkystud June 24, 2017

    automation and climate change data

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  • Kim Craft June 25, 2017

    Would make a great weather-and internal-condition monitoring device/app for private pilots to have on board in the cockpit of a small place.  Allows for quick, up-to-date information on pressure, temperature, air quality, gas sensing, etc.  Could be a life saver!

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  • chaowi June 26, 2017

    smart indoor garden controller

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  • mujtaba223 June 27, 2017

    A wearable sensor for classification of running, dribbling and walking in the sport of field hockey.
    Will also evaluate parameters such as shot speed and tempo.
    It will be a digital training assistant for a field hockey player.
    A cloud based user database will be available for the users to compare , view and share,
    This data base will also be used for data analysis and improvement of algorithm.

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  • Hatim1997 June 27, 2017

    Add it to my drone project to be used for it’s weather sensors, and for it’s speech recognition feature.

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  • edsilicon June 28, 2017

    Home security system

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  • ChannelJuanNews June 28, 2017

    I would build a plant automation system that keeps tracks of my crops and gathers data on the different types of soil, air, light, and temperature, etc to then feed a machine learning algorithm to determine the best conditions that produce the finest crops. 😊

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  • lubinda June 28, 2017

    To be used by my students for a project and can’t wait to see how it will benefit them if i win.

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  • benarji June 28, 2017

    Stranger detection with pir sensor

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  • sebastjan.k96 June 28, 2017

    I would make automated system for my vacation house. Watering flowers, temperature control, etc. I would store all the data from sensors in cloud and i would include camera streaming through all the house.

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  • Automated field irrigation using sensors and controllers

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  • Vs838255 June 28, 2017

    Make a drone using esp8266 and mpu6050

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  • Sajith Dimal June 28, 2017

    Tsunami and flood warning system.

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  • olmstw June 28, 2017

    wireless remote pH ans TDS monitoring and correction system for Aquaponics

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  • Vicks-create June 28, 2017

    Can be added to the weather stations around places usually attacked by floods, earthquake, just to monitor and be careful

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  • Kwadwo Dompreh June 28, 2017

    GPS Body panic alert (BPA) for lost people

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  • Kwadwo Dompreh June 28, 2017

    GPS Body panic alert (BPA) for lost people

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  • rodrigoestra June 28, 2017

    Create low cost weather station to increment the number station we have, in the last years we has bad weather quality.

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  • erratioanimus June 28, 2017

    A data collector for optimizing the thermo electric generator I am working on. Designed to take advantage of ambient heat from black top/concrete/water surfaces and by a reciprocal mechanical process harness unused energy to be used as surfaces cool and external heat dissipates

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  • erratioanimus June 28, 2017

    A data collector for optimizing the thermo electric generator I am working on. Designed to take advantage of ambient heat from black top/concrete/water surfaces and by a reciprocal mechanical process harness unused energy to be used as surfaces cool and external heat dissipates

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  • Renz Sonjaco June 28, 2017

    I want to create an internet connected CNC plotter so that I can print or mill my projects away from home. After I mastered the CNC plotter, then I’ll make internet connected 3D printer. For the CNC plotter I’ll use old CD ROM drives.

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  • Renz Sonjaco June 28, 2017

    I will make my a weather station with air quality check that will be connected to the internet so other people can know the weather or air quality in our town.

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  • Shubh006 June 28, 2017

    Electric socket that will sense the gadgets are charged completely and switch off the supply

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  • Tushar3112 June 28, 2017

    To make a parking estimation system so that it can be used to ease the parking issues in metropolitan cities.

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  • Maheep08 June 28, 2017

    Studying the household environment and taking any necessary action required. The data can be uploaded on a website with each use having his own login I’d and password

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  • Joji John Varghese June 28, 2017

    I am going to use the Thunderboard Sense Kit as an upgrade to my PEACHSAT project Mark-3.

    A new class of distributed space missions is emerging which requires hundreds to thousands of satellites for real-time, distributed, multi-point sensing to accomplish long-awaited remote sensing and science objectives. These missions, stymied by the lack of a low-cost mass-producible solution, can become reality by merging the concepts of distributed satellite systems and terrestrial wireless sensor networks.

    The Thunderboard Sense Kit is suitable for this application since it can act as a highly compact OBC ( ON BOARD COMPUTER), Sensor& Payload Substem( rich collection of sensors) along with telemetry-Telecommand section due to presence of reconfigurable multi protocol radio.

    The ultra low power capability makes this a drop in solution for FEMTO-SATELLITE apllication puposes

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  • Syed Junaid Ahmed June 29, 2017

    Multiple sensors data station

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  • Keerthankopparam June 29, 2017

    Smart device for small retailers.

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  • mihai.ignat June 29, 2017

    Power sensor for bicycle using the cadence data together with speed, elevation, etc.
    Remote monitor through Internet for centralized heating in flats.
    Bike alarm with Bluetooth activation/deactivation.

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  • smitrbhanushali June 29, 2017

    We started Its help to the automated lab with different sensor and use some AI library with hardware to work extra things.
    - Temp, humidity, and air quality sensor use for room environment control.
    - Using microphone control noise in lab and appliances.
    - Decorate lab with LED and control with the sensor.
    - much more things we can do with kit.

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  • Rushiraj Jawale June 29, 2017

    A wearable smart watch for trekkers or mountaineers or campers. It has got the perfect sensors like humidity, temperature, UV, ambient light, pressure sensor along with gas sensors and it is battery powered. It is a perfect choice for making a wearable smart watch for people who love to go on trekking and camping. It would work as a safety equipment too. The app will keep the data on the cloud up to date and from the base station of the trek managers or the family members can continuously track the sensor values. The high brightness LEDs are an add-on for night time trekking and camping in the mountains.

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  • avitron June 29, 2017

    A Wearable Geriatric Assistant
    A 30mm x 45mm form factor makes this an excellent wearable accessory for the elderly.  Sensors that monitor the surroundings (humidity, temperature, air quality)  ensure that care-givers have all the assurance that the people they are tending to,  are not in harm’s way - in the form of an android app that is constantly receiving, storing and displaying the sensor information .  Alerts regarding medicine schedules can be provided via the two high-intensity RGB LEDs on board, with color of LED matching the color of the bottle (in case of different medicines being taken at different times of the day). A combination of inertial and light sensor accommodates preferences such as being able to fall asleep only with the lights on - the lights can be configured to automatically switch off when the wearer has fallen asleep.  Situations like having a fall in the bathroom or while climbing stairs is immediately flagged by the unit and this information is immediately available on the cloud so that an emergency response can be initiated. The microphone allows one to call for assistance, with speech recognition that can be built in to recognize a basic set of words.

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  • tominjose June 29, 2017

    I would like to build a device which counts person enters and goes out the room so that the device can turn off electricity of the room when no one is around and can save energy .
    And need to build setup which consumes solar energy which at least can power one room .

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  • 03sarath June 29, 2017

    By carrying out research on construction and mining industries the statistical report says that the accident is always a combination of hazards and cause. The collapse and flood of underground working could be a consequence of gas explosion or dust. Similarly, a fire could cause the release of toxic contaminants. The use of explosives might cause an earthquake, that collapsed mine workings and traps miners as happened to 33 miners who were stuck underground from August to October 2010 in a Chilean mine near the city Copiapo. As reported by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health(NIOSH), in the underground mines most explosive related fatalities were caused by miners being too close to the blast followed by explosive fumes poisoning, misfires and premature blasts. Mine induced seismicity must be added to that list. The hazardous gases present in the mining area like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, ethane, Propene, etc…, will cause the harmful disease to the miners. If we take proper preventive measure, all the above issues can be avoided.

    “My solution” for this involves IOT device made with “Thunderboard Sense Kit Giveaway” fixed on the safety jacket which is called Smart safety jacket. This smart jacket is connected with the different type of sensors like Temperature Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, Motion sensor, Gas sensor, Sound sensor, RFID, Emergency Panel, Notification Panel. These sensors connected to the network through wi-fi makes more relevant and valuable ever than before.By turning sensor information into actions, real-time data from mining environment can be monitored and controlled remotely from anywhere. The network connected sensors fetch the information from the mining environment and process that information through controllers and stores that information in database/Cloud for future purpose. The information can be monitored through an ISO android app and personal computers remotely. The whole process can be stated in two points

    1.The miner has to wear the smart safety jacket (connected with the sensors) which is connected to the control room via a network.
    2.A Monitor in the control room who is continuously monitoring the miners and the mining site should check the sensor status and alert the miners in case of any critical situation.
    Thus the mining environment and miners will be protected from the hazard.

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  • parthshah1997 June 29, 2017

    As part of a team manufacturing an electric car we could use this sensor to send and receive command and data from various sensors and directly upload then on cloud service… The hall effect sensor is used to obtain the current drawn from the battery and inertial sensor can be used to monitor the position of the vehicle

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  • giuliano2505 June 29, 2017

    I am working in a control station for corn. I want to sense humidity and temperature with an IoT device.

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  • johnkvthejas June 29, 2017

    a new wearable for kids with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), wants to start putting emotional and environmental control back in families’ hands with mood-monitoring data that can help anticipate meltdowns before they happen (and even prevent them).Thunderboard Sense Kit along with a wearable SPO2 sensor can be used for activity monitoring and data logging is done on a microSD card. Android application can be used to alert the parents in case of any problem.

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  • draco June 29, 2017

    An Environment Monitoring system using wireless sensor technology based on IoT. This will enable for remote data monitoring and controlling surrounding conditions.

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  • draco June 29, 2017

    An environment monitoring system using wireless sensor technology based on IoT.

    This idea will enable us to monitor the environmental parameters remotely. Based on the readings control action can be taken for further academic, educational and outreach purpose. It will prove an cost efficient system and will be designed basically considering Indian point of view

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  • simlastik June 29, 2017

    Child room air quality monitoring

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  • fidel makatia June 29, 2017

    a wrist band that will help doctors know the pregnancy progress of a mother throughout the gestation period.the mum and the clinic are kept in sync with sensors delivering data to the clinics database for analytic in real time. in case of an unusual scenario any deviation from reality is noticed and doctors are notified.this will avoid complications and preterm births

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  • andriyadi June 29, 2017

    My wife just delivered our baby daughter. Using this board, I can start prototyping of a baby monitor that can sense noise and comfort level of my baby’s room.

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  • vijayenthiran June 29, 2017

    A wristband for the Table Tennis player which records and provides statistics such as serve speed and serve angle (using the 6-axis Inertial Sensor ). The data can be streamed to a PC (notify characteristics) using BLE to plot the data in 3D. Additionally, using the MEMS microphone, the time at which TT raquet hitting the ball can be interpreted and that data can be overlayed over the inertial sensor plot to create an interactive view. These plots can be used in the following ways:
    1. Record the data from the pro player (trainer)
    2. The trainee can use the same device to mimic the trainer
    3. Additionally, a vibrator motor can be added to provide a read time haptic feedback when the trainee is trying to mimic the trainer’s action.

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  • Soumalya01 June 29, 2017

    Automation units to sense, monitor and control certain actuators in the field of vertical gardening, in house gardening, organic farm and high sensitive plantation units. For better optimisation of natural resources and maximising production. POC continues with collaborating multiple sensors and use cognitive /predictive modelling of the local weather forecast and data analytics for precise control and actuator operation to maintain the plantation health at its best.

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  • Tankesh singh June 29, 2017

    It may be use as air pollution measurement. By using of sensor we can make a stationary air quality station or use on moving vehicle so we get the data of air quality. It’s a cloud based system so all the data are store in cloud and also we can monitor real time data of air quality. If we use stationary system then we need to install multiple devices on major places of city. That given air quality information of using of data we can make a map chart which indicate which area in most polluted so analysis of pollution become easy.

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  • n0th1n6 June 29, 2017

    This could be used to monitor palay/rice storage room ang deliver the data to the cloud. Temp and RH monitoring is verry important in this kind of storage room. Useful for countries that depends on rice.

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  • Pratibha gupta June 29, 2017

    Greenhouse IOT which will sense different parameters and will provide data directly to user globally through a that user can trigger water or air quality automatically and also security features can be added in this..this kit will be very helpful in executing this idea.

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  • Kanks June 29, 2017

    To give ability to kids that have lost them

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  • Subhro Mitra June 29, 2017

    IOT based automated internal environment quality control for large public transport viz. Buses, trains, aircrafts, ships etc. It can also function as cloud based data recorder for the same for convenient investigation for technical failure, accidents etc.

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  • Mykre June 29, 2017

    Integrate it with my current robot. 😊

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  • ungtsuhan June 29, 2017

    Im doing my final year project which is smart home system. With this Thunderboard Sense Kits, I can make my home to be sensitive to the environment and improve the system of the home. For example, when your home is sensitive to environment or weather, we can make our laundry rack in the home to adjust according to the weather, so that when thunderstorm, even we are outside of house, we dont need to rush back to our home to collect our clothes that hanging outsides. I hope i can have this kit to improve my final project =D

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  • Suvanika June 29, 2017

    I’ve been prototyping a sensor assisted car parking system in our college. Our country is underdeveloped and cheaper means of achieving this is essential. Sensors to detect if a car is parked in the slot or not, app to track the number of free available spots, app to book a spot for a particular period of time. Thus can be extended to roadside parking as well. Also the integration of an RFID card used for paying the toll fees on the national highway can be integrated with a speedometer sensor at checkpoints in the highways. The accident rate on the highways is very high in India, details can be pulled off the RFID card if the vehicle was found over speeding or an instant fine can be detected from it. A wireless dashboard can be installed/integrated within the car, to detect the card’s status. Traffic jams, signal reroutes, accidents and road related issues maybe communicated efficiently with the use of an integrated roadways system. Also the prototyping of this particular idea requires a lot of fund. With the knowledge or renewable energy , and energy conservation techniques, ways to derive energy from the friction and heat caused by moving vehicles on the road can be implemented .

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  • SABU OOMMEN June 29, 2017

    Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the most prevalent movement disorder of the central nervous system, and affects more than 6.3 million people in the world. The characteristic motor features include tremor, bradykinesia, rigidity, and impaired postural stability. Current therapy based on augmentation or replacement of dopamine is designed to improve patients’ motor performance but often leads to levodopa-induced adverse effects, such as dyskinesia and motor fluctuation. Clinicians must regularly monitor patients in order to identify these effects and other declines in motor function as soon as possible. Current clinical assessment for Parkinson’s is subjective and mostly conducted by brief observations made during patient visits. Changes in patients’ motor function between visits are hard to track and clinicians are not able to make the most informed decisions about the course of therapy without frequent visits. Frequent clinic visits increase the physical and economic burden on patients and their families.

    A wearable multi-sensor monitor unit using Thunderboard Sense Kit is physically attached to patient’s body. The key role of this unit is to facilitate the monitoring of patient’s daily motor activity and status through the continuous recording. All data from sensors will be streamed to cloud via smart phone app and patient condition is monitored and in case of any problem alert will be issued to care takers and this data will be subjected to a regression algorith where the potential issues can be analysed and that could provide useful insights on the problematic issues and will enable the optimization of the care and diagnosis. The system aims to improve the prevalent philosophy in the follow up of PD patients and to change the paradigm in PD treatment. The new paradigm supports the continuous follow up of patients with easy to wear sensors and computer intelligence to be used by doctors in order to design optimized personalized treatment, delay the appearance of symptoms (such as LID) and improve quality of patients’ lives.

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  • SensationalGuna June 30, 2017

    active communication can be done for one sensor to other

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  • jjakubowski June 30, 2017

    I’ve seen in several places that speech recognition is possible with Cortex M4F core so I’d like to play with it a bit. Having a small, low power embedded device with few recognizable words and rich connectivity possibilities would allow to test several ideas i.e:
    - Attach a bluetooth (or ZigBee for mesh solution) SoC with a buzzer to your key-ring. So the next time you can’t find your keys just say ‘keys!’ near your Thunderboard and this will broadcast information through BLE/ZigBee. Once the keyring device is in radio range it will buzz to let you know where to start searching
    - Using speech recognition and sub-GHz module would allow to communicate with automatic doors at the garage. Saying ‘Open!’ instead of searching for the remote controller would be both safier and fancier!
    -Having a lowpower SoC with both 2.4GHz and <1GHz radios would allow to bring all the cool radio stuff which was designed by amateurs several years ago to the XXI century. All after all having possibility to control your old 433MHz device directly from your phone is something that was really missing.

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  • RANI JOHN June 30, 2017

    Thunderboard Sense Kits provides actionable data on assets and the events associated with assets like – condition, location, telemetry data, queue counting, people counting, etc. All of this, in real-time so you are able to act on this information right away reducing lost capacity, optimizing workforce and workflow, or enriching customer experience depending on the scenario.

    Enterprises that are deploying thousands of beacons and/or tracking thousands of assets face two essential challenges: 1. They require the capabilities to monitor not just the asset, but the beacon itself. Is the beacon operating; what is the battery level; is the beacon where it should be 2. Once the beacon is deployed in the field, they still need to be able to easily update capabilities and firmware. Thunderboard Sense Kits offers above functionality.

    Thunderboard Sense Kits bring together beacon fleet management with a robust workflow/event management engine, smart algorithms to turn raw data into actionable insights, custom policies and ease of integration.

    Hoping to prototype beacon fleet management system using this kit

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  • First of all, I would like to replace temperature - humidity sensor (DHT22) and air quality and gas sensor (MQ-2/MQ-4) that I used on my forest and peat land sensors project. And to have the benefit to add the UV sensor and to add Microphone sensor for sensing the sound of the forest to analyze the diversity of animal in the forest (so our sensor could help wildlife researcher also). And other benefit would be using the radio to replace the wireless serial module and to use mesh network protocol between sensors to the server to report the data.

    And also I would like to use this awesome hardware in my other project called “the smart road lighting” which will be installed in the Banten province and Central Java province in Indonesia that still in testing stage and will be mass produce in the third quarter this year, in syaa Allaah. The data sent to the cloud could make things easier for us, so our data center could get the data.
    The sensors that could be perfect to use are:
    >Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor Si7021 to sense the temperature of the LEDs and ambient humidity,
    >UV and Ambient Light Sensor Si1133 to sense the ambient light and automatically lite up the LEDs when needed,
    >Indoor Air Quality and Gas Sensor CCS811 to sense the air pollution in the area,
    >MEMS Microphone SPV1840 to sense the movement of traffic so the LEDs could be dimmed to reduce power consumption when there is no traffic at the moment,
    >High brightness LEDs control to control the LEDs.

    The third project that seems perfect for this hardware is “smart home lighting and sensors” all of the features and the ability to be used with Android and iOS application and cloud data streaming and data storage will make it faster to develop and launch the product to the market.

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  • Kariley76 June 30, 2017

    Interested in introducing this in my new makerspace library where 504 students gather weekly to hopefully learn new concepts with technology. We currently have 15 iPads and have nothing else to do with them . This would teach them the hands on tech they so desperately need and want!

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  • Devaprakasam June 30, 2017


    This could be used as a product which can be fixed at every traffic signals in modern cities. From the nature of the thunderboard sense kit, it offers 9 different sensors in a single development kit, out of which, 4 sensors are having direct application at road signals and all the others also could be used sensibly with these 4 sensors to make a complete product.
    To sense humidity and temperature- Si7021
    To sense UV and ambient light- Si1133

    These sensor information may be live streamed with the use of Android application (invoking IoT) and could be helpful to the drivers and public.

    I hope, this kit would be very useful in disaster management.

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  • exzibit29 June 30, 2017

    Indoor temperature and lighting control

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