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Winner Announced

Winners Announced…Thunderboard Sense Kit Giveaway

In partnership with Silicon Labs

Congratulations to our winners!

Congratulations to our winners!
Mike Harris, Vincent A Lemus, Shane McGuire, and Chris Snow.


AAC is partnering with Silicon Labs to give away 4 Thunderboard Sense Kits to help with your next design. Each winner will also receive one randomly selected prize of the following: Ecobee3, Nest Learning Thermostat, NanoLeaf – Aurora Smarter Kit, Philips Hue.

Take a look at the information below and don’t forget to enter the contest. 

About Thunderboard Sense

Thunderboard Sense is a small and feature packed development platform for battery operated IoT applications. The mobile app enables a quick proof of concept of cloud-connected sensors. The multi-protocol radio combined with a broad selection of onboard sensors, make the Thunderboard Sense an excellent platform to develop and prototype a wide range of battery-powered IoT applications.

More information on getting started with Thunderboard Sense is available on

Thunderboard Sense Features: 

Wireless Gecko EFR32™

  • Sub-GHz to 2.4 GHz wireless SoC
  • Multi-protocol radio
  • ARM® Cortex® M4 core with 32 kB RAM and 256 kB Flash
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Flexible MCU peripheral interfaces

Kit Features

  • Segger J-Link Integrated Debugger
  • USB CDC virtual serial port
  • 8 Mbit SPI ultra low power NOR flash for local storage

Mobile app

  • Mobile app for Android and iOS 
  • iOS app implemented in swift
  • Android app implanted in native code
  • Source code available at GitHub

Mobile app features

  • Beacon notifications 
  • View sensor data
  • Control LEDs and detect button pushes
  • Stream sensor data to the cloud

Cloud streaming

  • Data is stored in Firebase
  • Web frontend is implemented in ReactJS
    • Using Alt.js as the flux implementation
    • D3.js for data driven charts
  • All source code available

Sensors, I/O, and Misc. Control

  • Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor Si7021
  • UV and Ambient Light Sensor Si1133 
  • Pressure Sensor BMP280
  • Indoor Air Quality and Gas Sensor CCS811
  • 6-axis Inertial Sensor ICM-20648
  • MEMS Microphone SPV1840
  • High brightness LEDs
  • Hall-effect Sensor (coming soon!)

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  • S
    Shanem21 June 04, 2017

    A weather station closest to home.

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  • G
    gusa June 04, 2017

    Adding a external sdcard and a loud speaker could be the brain for a small biped robot. It could be used as a voice assistance system in a biped robot hardware.

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  • M
    Medrolet June 05, 2017

    Digital wind chime.

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