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Pranjal Srivastava Strategic Market Development Pranjal is responsible for the increased adoption of SiC devices in industrial motor drives. He has prior experience as an electronics engineer and a Field Application Engineer supporting automotive as well as industrial systems with a focus on wide bandgap semiconductor-based electronic systems. He now brings that technology background to his role as a strategic market developer at Wolfspeed, where his team’s endeavor as Silicon Carbide Ambassadors is to extend the success of SiC from automotive applications to the industrial space. Energy efficiency and energy density have always been a key to unlocking the full potential of electrification for a sustainable tomorrow, and there is a limit up to which that can be achieved with contemporary hardware using silicon. As we will discuss in the presentation, WBG materials, including SiC, are causing a paradigm shift for industrial motors.
Stefan Witte Business Development Director EMEA Stefan is the Business Development Director for Energy & Power products in Europe. He has decades of experience in electronics and power semiconductors and joined Richardson RFPD 2 years ago. With almost 20 years of experience in sales of power semiconductors, he has witnessed and driven the development and rise of silicon carbide technology for more than 1 decade. He started his career 1994 after the university in electronics development for several years and successfully led a technical R&D team for more than 5 years.

Designing Modern Industrial Drives with Silicon Carbide

In partnership with Richardson RFPD
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Learn how to reduce system losses by up to 50% and optimize system size and costs using silicon carbide solutions from Wolfspeed. These advanced power devices will enable you to meet demanding global efficiency standards, including the new EU requirement to meet the IE4 efficiency standard for all motors from 75kW to 230 kW.
In this webinar, you’ll learn how to create rugged and reliable systems with best-in-class power density, performance, and efficiency with:
Up to 50% less losses system-wide
Optimize system costs and size
Improve motor drive efficiency by up to 2.6%
Superior thermal performance
Improved energy density
Analyze return on investment
Switching from traditional silicon IGBTs to Wolfspeed silicon carbide power devices can increase an industrial motor drive’s efficiency while reducing overall unit size and cost of ownership. For example, upgrading the PFC and inverter in a 3-phase 25 kW compressor with Six-Pack Wolfspeed WolfPACK™ modules enabled designers to use 77% smaller heat sinks in addition to enhanced efficiency. The webinar will also highlight Wolfspeed’s time-saving reference designs, which include application notes, user guides, and design files.

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