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Binay Bajaj, Director of Business Management, Core Products Group Binay Bajaj is a director of Business Management (RF and timing products) in the Core Products Group at Maxim Integrated. He has an electrical engineering degree from the National Institute of Technology Warangal and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

Achieve Precise Time-Keeping with the Tiniest nanoPower RTC

In partnership with Maxim Integrated
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The market for wearables targeting consumer and medical applications is expanding exponentially. The products themselves are getting richer in features with more connected sensors and a very high degree of functionality for end users. OEMs, in turn, are facing significant pressure to seek out small, very low-power components.


Maxim Integrated, an industry leader in Essential Analog ICs, has been at the forefront of developing very small-footprint nanoPower devices. Among our newest solutions is a family of the industry’s smallest real-time clocks (RTCs) with nanoPower technology and ultra-high accuracy. These low-power RTCs enable very small batteries or super-cap on primary and backup power with longer runtime, so end users never have to worry about losing time even when their device’s primary power fails.


Attend this webinar to understand how robust, accurate nanoPower RTCs can alleviate any worries about accurate time-keeping.


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