Claus Giebert After finishing degrees in Engineering called “Diplom-Ingenieur Univ. Elektrotechnik” in Germany, Claus began his career in 1995 as an electronics developer in a medical company. After many years in hardware design, he changed to product management. He was one of the responsible product managers for the Intel-based CPU designs and IoT product lines at Kontron. Since 2016, he is the Product Sales Manager at Advantech responsible for Computer on Modules in Europe.

Improving Product Quality and Turnaround Time with Streamlined Testing and Manufacturing

In partnership with Advantech


Scale is a question of fundamental importance to many engineers: a novel application might be impractical to make once but revolutionary if widely introduced to the correct market. Time-to-market and monetary resources are obvious concerns for many individuals, but many also feel isolated from a more widespread network of experts and tools that prove pivotal in the design process. The ability to test a product before it goes into large-scale production is also critical for many designers.


In this webinar, Advantech discusses their innovations in their Mobile Core and low power platforms and what improvements they offer for the testing and manufacturing aspects of the design process. 

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