On-Demand: Building a Verified IoT Data Management Platform

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IoT data management and analytics is quickly moving from the cloud to endpoint devices.

Join this webinar to learn how to build an IoT data management solution at the endpoint, using commercial tools for IoT databases, data distribution systems on Linux. We’ll also discuss how to manage and analyze sensor data locally within the Industrial IoT paradigm for faster responses and to reduce reliance on the cloud infrastructure.

During this webinar, you'll:

* Understand the difference between cloud-only and edge-device data management approaches

* Learn about the various parts of a robust industrial IoT data management solution

* Watch a demonstration of an IoT data management solution for a distributed electric power grid

* Get access to source code for the demonstration using ITTIA (SQL Database), RTI (DDS), and CIP Linux running on the Renesas RZ/G demonstration board

Register for this webinar to learn how to address IoT edge data management challenges in an industrial environment.

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