Stefan Seider Stefan Seider is Product Marketing Manager for Protection and Filtering devices at Nexperia. Semiconductors and ESD protection have played a major role in Stefan’s professional life for more than a decade. He joined the company (originally Philips Semiconductors later NXP Semiconductors) in 2001.

Webinar Replay: Protecting Portable Applications from ESD, EMI, and Surge

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Portable devices have sensitive interfaces that are vulnerable to ESD and can be disturbed by EMI. ESD and surge protection are critical to safeguarding these delicate systems for achieving high system-level robustness. In this webinar, we will give a general introduction into protection concepts and show engineers how to safeguard portable applications against ESD, surge, and EMI.


What will engineers learn?

  • • What are the three challenges? A discussion on ESD, surge, and EMI.
  • • Why are external ESD and surge protection devices important?
  • • How can we protect very sensitive ICs and supply voltage lines against ESD?
  • • How can we avoid EMI issues with very fast data lines?
  • • How can we protect very sensitive interfaces against surge with small-footprint surge protection devices?

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