Four Characteristics You Need to Know About Analog Design

In partnership with Avnet Silica


As consumer and industrial electronics rise in demand, Maxim Integrated continues to deliver high-performance, reliable analog circuits to better accommodate the future of wireless, wearable, and infrastructure applications. 


New technological advances carry over to nearly every aspect of daily life, resulting in new devices, features, and applications that require analog functionality. This analog design presents a unique set of considerations to take into account.


The four main characteristics of Maxim's analog IC offerings are:

• Efficient power ICs optimized for low-power solutions

• Precision sensors and converter ICs ideal for measurements

• Rugged wireless and interface ICs designed for consistent communication

• Reliable protection devices to screen and sustain system environments


In this webinar from Avnet and Maxim Integrated, learn more about these analog design characteristics and explore how you can find the right analog solution. 

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