Massimo Carbone, Director of Market Development, Diodes Massimo Carbone has been the Director of Market Development and Applications for Vishay’s Diodes Division for 14 years. In this role he has supported customers in designing in Vishay components, including laboratory work and addressing internal R&D for the development of new platforms. Before joining Vishay, Mr. Carbone worked for International Rectifier, starting in 1993 and covering a range of responsibilities. He started as a silicon designer and test engineer in the UK and U.S. After that he moved to the position of Product Engineering Manager for Diodes, and the R&D Director of Business Development for Power Modules. His main accomplishments were the transfer of the technological manufacturing process for planar Schottky diodes from the U.S. to Italy and being a pioneer in the development and release of application-specific power modules for automotive on-board charger applications, adapting industrial module packages and defining a standard "de facto."

Fred Pt® Gen 5: the Optimized Solution for Charging Applications

In partnership with Vishay Intertechnology

With its Fred Pt® Gen5 Ultrafast technology, Vishay is setting a new benchmark in terms of efficiency and robustness for charging applications, including on-board chargers and fast DC off-board chargers. It optimizes recovery performance without compromising on conduction losses, with a low and soft reverse recovery current shape without a long tail. This is achieved by fully optimizing the doping profile with lifetime killing and a die size that allows for the best behavior during switching, while low Erec and minimum overshoot guarantee high efficiency and good EMI. After a deep study of the application requirements, Vishay released this diode platform tailored for AC/DC and DC/DC conversion. It’s available in two voltage grades — 600 V and 1200 V — to address electric vehicle (EV) battery requirements. 1200 V diodes are optimized for AC/DC Vienna rectifiers, while 600 V devices are optimized for high frequency resonant SMPS operation (LLC). The optimization of Erec and Irrm / Qrr limit the current stress on the active switch, improving light and full-load efficiency in SMPS operation.

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