Rob James (Maxim Sales & Marketing, TTS group, USA) Rob James is a former Senior Principal Applications Engineer in the TTS (Training & Technical Services) group at Maxim, he also ran the Applications Team for Automotive Serializer/Deserializer products. Before Maxim he worked at IDT (now Renesas), focusing on next-generation consumer and data communication product designs and the architectures required for them. Rob holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Liverpool University (UK).

GMSL - Maxim Serdes Solution for Automotive

In partnership with Maxim

Webinar Overview

Maxim is deeply involved in electronic technologies for automotive. One of them is high speed and reliable data links from sensors, computers and displays in cars. They contribute to save the amount of expensive cabling and to satisfy the increasing demands of performance. The SerDes portfolio continues to expand and improvement such as data rate, power consumption, size place Maxim in a very competitive situation. The presentation starts with a short reminder about Serdes basics, followed by a description of the main characteristics about Maxim Serdes, also called GMSL. Finally, advantages of Maxim parts offered are provided.

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