Arlen Baker, Principal Technologist for Security, Wind River and Terry Persun, Freelance Science and Technology Writer Arlen Baker joined Wind River in 2007 as a Principal Technologist for Security within the Professional Services organization at Wind River. Arlen works with customers in the industrial, aerospace, medical, and defense sectors in the securing of their systems. While at Wind River, Arlen has filed several security-related patents, written several whitepapers on security, and has delivered numerous presentations on the topic of security. Arlen has since been made the Principal Security Architect in Technology Office responsible for technical security strategy across products and solutions.
Terry Persun Terry Persun has worked as an airborne navigations equipment specialist (in the USAF), hardware electronics design engineer, technical editorial director for several magazines, and marketing and PR director for high-tech companies. Terry is a science fiction novelist and provides freelance writing services for a number of companies and magazines. He lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Hardware Security Perception Versus Real Implementation

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It might be obvious, but it's worth saying: security strategy is essential when building an embedded device. It's fundamentally impossible have a safe product without a thorough, thoughtful security infrastructure. There is a clear gap between different parts of the sector on this matter, however: 70% of executives think their products meet industry benchmarks, 50% of developers believe their products fall short of security requirements.

Join Wind River® Principal Security Architect Arlen Baker as he shares new survey results that show a great disconnect between executive perception and the reality of embedded security implementations. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The biggest security threats executives and developers are concerned about
  • Who is responsible for implementing security features
  • Roadblocks to securing devices
  • How security breaches are identified and resolved

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