How to Build an IoT Prototype in Less Than 30 Minutes

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Whether you’re a student working on your Capstone project or an engineer developing a project or product idea, building an IoT solution can be challenging, complex and time consuming—from integrating and putting together different hardware components and building the software.

Ready-to-use hardware and no-code IoT software can help streamline the process and move you from idea to field-ready prototype in hours versus months. In this Digi-Key Excellence in Engineering video, IoT industry veteran Daryl Miller shows how engineers and students – with limited or no coding experience - can jumpstart an IoT and data acquisition project in less than 30 minutes.

This video is great for:

  • Engineers and developers seeking to accelerate rapid prototyping of IoT projects
  • Educators interested in enabling students to quickly begin building and exploring IoT and data acquisition projects and concepts without the need to spend precious time on teaching domain-specific languages
  • Educators seeking to create extensible, affordable remote-learning classroom projects
  • Students seeking to quickly jumpstart their Capstone IoT projects
  • University laboratory managers seeking to learn about the latest affordable technologies that can excite students and enhance learning beyond the classroom

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