Rex Hallock Rex joined CUI in 2013 as part of the warehouse team, quickly moving into a Product Specialist role, and then into the Product Manager role in 2015. Rex has been instrumental in developing CUI Devices’ thermal management product line, which has seen continued double-digit growth over the last 5 years. Currently, in his role as Senior Product Manager, Rex oversees CUI Devices’ Thermal Management, Sensor, and Encoder product lines. Outside of the office, Rex likes to play music, read, and enjoy all the outdoor activities that his Bend, OR home has to offer.
Jeff Smoot Since joining CUI Devices in 2004, Jeff Smoot has revitalized the company's Quality and Engineering departments with an emphasis on developing, supporting, and bringing products to market. With a focus on the customer’s success, he also spearheaded the establishment of an Application Engineering team to provide enhanced in the field and online engineering design and technical support to engineers during their design process. Outside of the office, Jeff enjoys the outdoors (skiing, backpacking, camping), spending time with his wife and four children, and being a lifelong fan of the Denver Broncos.

How to Defeat Heat with Peltier Devices

In partnership with CUI Devices

Peltier modules, also known as thermoelectric coolers (TEC) or thermoelectric modules (TEM), are solid state devices which transfer heat from one side to the other when electrical power is applied. Although they may look nondescript to the untrained eye, don't let their white square form factor fool you. These reliable, solid-state components pack a punch when it comes to applications that require precise temperature control, cooling to below ambient temperatures, and fast temperature response and immediate cooling.

In this webinar, CUI Devices provides a technology overview, application examples, resources, and more to help you defeat heat in your next project.

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