How to Easily Prototype and Evaluate Your IoT Design

In partnership with Infineon


There are an increasing variety and complexity of applications addressing communication solutions, such as WiFi, BLE, Zigbee, and more. Additionally, there is an increase in startup communities around these hot topic emerging applications, which can sometimes lack software knowledge for prototyping and building up boards. This comes with a wide array of applications — smart homes, cities, cars, etc. — leading to endless use cases and designs.


When prototyping hardware and software, there is a need for the ease of use approach. This approach promotes flexibility based on the variety of applications and potential communication solutions, and requires plug-and-play solutions for proof of concept. 


To help pave the way for a faster time to market and contribute to the future of IoT, Infineon has introduced a new prototyping concept labeled Shield2Go.


In this Infineon webinar, learn more about the My IoT adapter and Shield2Go boards, while exploring how you can easily and quickly prototype your own IoT design. 


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